Dental Implants in South Saint Paul

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  • Dental South P.A.
    Dental South P.A.'s two dentists, Dr. Michael J. Prueher and Dr. Nicholas P. Brong, tend to patients' smiles with a mix of general and cosmetic dentistry. As they work, they place a premium on patient comfort. That means using the latest, most painless techniques culled from continuing education, and paying attention to details, right down to the water used to rinse out mouths. Their dental units employ distilled water, rather than tap water, to remove any chance of contamination.
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    800 Marie Ave.
    South Saint Paul, MN US
  • Minnesota Orthodontics
    With an advanced degree in orthodontics and TMJ treatment in dentistry from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry under her belt, Dr. Delia Dall' Arancio and Dr. Regina Blevins adjust smiles until they project even more smile. The initial exam, including x-rays, photos, and strategizing about a dental regimen, will set the course for teeth calibrators designed to slowly shift walnut crackers into alignment. Patients are encouraged to ask questions about their particular treatment, including how much peanut butter will be involved. For the toothy task of fang modification, you get $1,000 toward any traditional full set of braces priced at $5,700 or more or $1,000 toward any individualized Invisalign treatment priced at $6,500 or more.
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    5965 Carmen Ave
    Inver Grove Heights, MN US
  • Serafimov Dental
    For more than a decade, Dr. Lubomir Serafimov—like his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before him—brightened smiles in his native Bulgaria, only breaking family tradition when he and his family made the move to the United States. Today, Dr. Serafimov lends his overseas experience to Minnesotans, working with patients to maintain their teeth’s health and appearance. Along with family-dentistry services, the staff performs cosmetic procedures such as veneers and implants, which save patients from constantly replacing lost teeth with tiny marshmallows.
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    250 Wentworth Avenue East
    Saint Paul, MN US
  • Art and Science Dentistry
    The experienced tooth technicians at Kinney and Musser brighten smiles with modern technology and a philosophy of preventative maintenance over corrective procedures. The visit begins with a comprehensive dental examination, during which the dentist will spelunk into face caverns in search of tooth decay, signs of oral cancer, and Lego buildup. Afterwards, a skilled technician snaps four bitewing x-rays and a panoramic x-ray to reveal the goings-on between tooth and gum, as well as exposing any otherwise invisible tooth decay. A hygienist then bathes mouth bones in a whirlpool of floss and foam, sloughing off plaque jackets and removing tartar tiaras.
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    1000 Radio Dr
    Woodbury, MN US
  • Serenity Dental
    Illuminate the room with your gleaming, healthy smile, and cut electrical bills into attractive heart shapes thanks to Dr. Ellie Mahmoodi’s chomper-cleaning skills. A dental-school graduate of the University of Minnesota and member of several dental associations, Dr. Ellie knows that visiting a dentist can be a very stressful experience. That’s why Serenity Dental is committed to providing a relaxing atmosphere and spa-like amenities that are more soothing than floating down a lazy river of bubbly ginger ale. Your visit includes comfy perks such as complimentary beverages, warm neck-wraps, aromatherapy, and lavender-scented warm towelettes in an inviting, pastel-colored atmosphere fitted with comfy chairs.
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    563 Bielenberg Dr, Ste 210
    Woodbury, MN US
  • St. Paul Family Dentistry
    University of Minnesota graduate Dr. Jay B. West, family man Dr. Peter J. Stanton, and crown guru Dr. Joseph M. Opack enhance smiles with a bouquet of preventive and cosmetic dental services. Armed with modern technology such as intraoral cameras, digital imaging devices, and hovercrafts, the trio of dentists identifies and treats mouth maladies with speed and grace. Treatment areas, designed with comfort in mind, pamper patients with individual music headsets, neck pillows, and toasty blankets, and waiting guests keep busy in the well-appointed reception area with current periodicals and cable TV.
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    1050 Larpenteur Avenue West
    St. Paul, MN US