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Julianna always expressed herself through her feet. Beginning with childhood tap dancing, she progressed through dance styles, learning ballet, modern, and jazz with Marcia Hicks of the Chicago Ballet. Then, while eating at Greek restaurant, she became captivated by the flowing, controlled movements of the dining room?s Middle-Eastern dancer. Gripped by this new fascination, she began her own belly-dancing journey, working with a local teacher in Florida before seeking instruction with renowned instructors from around the world.

Now the head instructor of the Women's Bellydance Center, Julie oversees teachers who show women how to glide through sensuous exercises in a comfortable atmosphere. Classes, such as ATS, Tribal or Bellyrobics, focus on techniques ranging from rib-cage isolation to shimmying, focusing on one or two distinctive styles with moves plucked from eastern dance traditions.

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In honor of Women?s History Month, Groupon is celebrating an inspiring group of women: business leaders whose companies and brands enrich their communities. Thanks to the dedication and ingenuity of these leaders, local communities across the country are stronger and more diverse.

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