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Beyond Sushi

Black rice. Avocado. Pickled daikon. Jalapeno wasabi sauce. There's only one thing missing from this sushi menu devised by Hells' Kitchen finalist Guy Vaknin: fish. Okay, maybe not just one thing. The colorful, flavorful rolls are devoid of meat, dairy, and added preservatives, relying on the fresh, vibrant taste of unrefined fruits and vegetables. Six grain and black rice replace traditional white, adding nutrients and fiber while making for a dramatic presentation, and ingredients such as chia seeds and tofu lend a proteinous punch, despite the lack of tuna or shrimp. The result is a menu that is close to 90% vegan, as well as one that makes sushi accessible to pregnant women, kids, and anyone still traumatized by The Incredible Mr. Limpet. But don't make the mistake of thinking Vakin's sushi is all color and no taste––sauces such as mango chili and toasted cayenne lend a perfect blend of sweetness and spice, as do garnishes such as spicy cashews, TK: ML

229 East 14th Street
New York,

The chefs at Asian Bowl create a wide selection of Asian fusion dishes, ranging from Hong Kong-style sweet and sour chicken to lo mein and gluten-free beef with broccoli. Vegetarian versions of almost every dish finally share the complex flavors of mongolian beef and pineapple chicken with diners used to just greens and carrots shaped like steak.

10111 Queens Blvd
Forest Hills,

Cuisine Type: Indian vegetarian & vegan friendly

Established: 2001

Reservations: Not offered

Number of Tables: 5?10

Parking: Parking lot

Most popular offering: Samosas, sweets, chaats, dosas, thali

Kid-friendly: Yes

Alcohol: None

Delivery / Take-out Available: Takeout only

Outdoor Seating: No

Pro Tip: Popular for authentic $5 hot lunch and dinner platters and over 100 varieties of Indian snacks and desserts

Q&A with Sheetal Talati, Owner

Are there any dishes on the menu you consider to be a hidden gem?not necessarily the most popular, but surprisingly delicious?

There are plenty hidden gems: Sweets & Ice Creams: Cashew-based confections, chocolate-covered treats, fig rolls, almond cookies, pistachio ice cream, and Kulfi sticks. Food: Kathi rolls, stuffed parathas (Indian bread), chole bhature, and pav bhaji.

Do you use any family recipes at your restaurant? Whose family do they belong to (the chef, the owner, or someone else)?

All the recipes that we offer are my family recipes. Some of them were created three decades ago by my uncle and aunt who started the Rajbhog concept in Jackson Heights, NY. Since the time I opened this family franchise in Hicksville in 2001, I have several of my own creations to the menu. I have customized most of the recipes to the local clientele of Long Island.

In your own words, how would you describe your menu?

The menu we offer is 100% vegetarian with plenty of vegan-friendly choices. We cook our food from freshly purchased vegetables from local grocers. People come to us since our food tastes like a wholesome home-cooked meal just the way they used to eat it in the South Asian sub continent. We have over 25 vegan-friendly menu items. Our menu covers all the popular "street food" of India. We also have a diverse array of Indian desserts made with pure ghee (clarified butter) and fresh milk.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?

We are a 100% women-run minority business and are very proud of it. Most of my staff has been with me for a long time. We have 40 people seating, have free Wifi and have live TV playing Indian channels. Seating is casual. Ordering is at the counter and pickup is at the counter (like Panera). We are very popular for our catering services and also cater to lot of local banquet halls for weddings and parties. We offer gift baskets, gift boxes for weddings and corporate events. We cater to local non-profit organizations for charity and have been recognized by Ed Mangano. We also sponsor South Asian events at Stony Brook University, Hostra, SUNY Westbury.

351 S Broadway

Aimee Follette wouldn’t let celiac disease stop her from enjoying a delicious meal, so she figured dietary requirements shouldn’t stop others, either. The founder and chef of Sun In Bloom uses organic, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients to overcome food issues and create culinary bliss, and crafts made-from-scratch dishes that pack a healthy punch and a whirlwind of flavors. Diners at Aimee’s upbeat Park Slope spot can jumpstart the day with a stack of gluten-free pancakes, which come glazed with caramelized bananas and maple syrup. They can also seek refuge from the cold in a steaming bowl of chia-seed almond-milk porridge with spiced walnuts, a dish with enough omega-3s, antioxidants, and fiber to make a multivitamin write a poem called “On Inadequacy.” Lunch and dinner items such as the marinated tempeh reuben or the bulging, veggie-packed bloom burger make diners forget all about meat. Inside of the kitchen, which is certified by the International Kosher Council, bakers create gluten- and dairy-free desserts such as the banana cake, a three-layer tower cemented by an oozing blanket of chocolate ganache and topped with a cloud of vanilla frosting. Beverages such as pressed juices, fair trade coffee, and organic smoothies deliver Sun In Bloom’s philosophy in liquid form.

460 Bergen Street

Bombay Masala's chefs draw inspiration from the familiar spices and sauces that characterize Indian cuisine and create an eclectic spread of aromatic and flavorful recipes. Brooklyn Magazine heaped praise onto the chicken tikka masala⎯an Indian-style entree historically co-opted by the British⎯by naming Bombay Masala's version one of The 10 Best British Bites in Brooklyn. This particular dish, along with several others, begins cooking in the kitchen's clay tandoor oven, which roasts skewered meats and vegetables over a pile of smoldering charcoal and old love letters. As the skewers bake, the chefs whisk together curries and cream sauces that they spoon over everything from lobster to housemade cheese.

678 Franklin Ave

In the shadow of the Brooklyn museum, Natural Blend’s cooks whip up entire vegetarian meals with the simple press of a button. With their handy blenders, they churn out nourishing smoothies and juices enriched with virtually every element under the rainbow—ingredients range from pineapple and strawberry to sea moss, ashwagandha root, and bee pollen. Of course, they use griddles, grills, and ovens, too, especially in their menu of Caribbean-inspired eats. The morning brings servings of roasted breadfruit accompanied by ackee and saltfish or washed down by organic fair trade coffee. For lunch and dinner, they turn to noodles and grains, pairing lo mein and quinoa with vegetarian curries.

688 Washington Ave