Located right in the middle of the South Jersey area, Vineland is a natural place to look for entertainment. There are several things to do in Vineland for couples, families and individuals can participate in. From movies in the outdoors to mini racing cars and Broadway shows, it is easy to find something to occupy a day or night in the city.

The Delsea Drive-in is located in southeast Vineland, where it has been for more than 60 years. It is the only drive-in cinema in the state of New Jersey. The Delsea is known for its nostalgic factor, but also for its uniqueness. See the latest films under the stars. If anyone gets hungry, the Delsea has a fully stocked concession that offers a wide range of foods, in addition to the usual popcorn and candy. A movie at the Delsea is one of the most popular Vineland attractions around.

Another unique activity is a day at the races. The Family Hobbies Raceway is a remote control-car track on which the small cars compete. The competitions draw hobbyists and amateur racers from all over the East Coast. While at the raceway, take a tour through the store to find racing memorabilia and RC car accessories. Although it is one of the quirkier Vineland activities, the Family Hobbies Raceway is another fantastic way to spend the idle day.

The Landis Theater offers music and other entertainment for Vineland. The Art Deco style of the theater prepares everyone for a real show, much like the ones the Landis saw decades ago. The newly renovated theater seats 750 in the audience for a wide variety of shows. From soul tribute concerts to Broadway revivals and rock concerts, the Landis offers plenty of stuff to see and do in Vineland on an idle night.

There are several traditional things to do in Vineland. For the people who have grown tired of these things, the city offers more. Take a look at some of the off-beat parts of Vineland for solutions on spicing up anyone's free time.

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