Health Clubs in Zachary

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  • CrossFit Amis
    Unpredictability is key at CrossFit Amis. Trainers guide members of all fitness levels through challenging, ever-changing workouts that use high-intensity sequences of functional exercises to build power, agility, and stamina. Functional exercises draw inspiration from the movements typically performed in everyday life such as lifting, jumping, and running. Over the course of one workout, attendees may swing kettlebells, sprint, perform squats, toss medicine balls, and lift weights. Members of all fitness levels can scale each exercise's load and intensity, ensuring the full-body workout provides a suitable yet safe challenge. The studio's community spirit inspired individuals to further their progress by making healthier lifestyle choices outside of workouts.
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    114 Salsman Street
    Lafayette, LA US
  • CrossFit Full Bore
    The daily workouts at CrossFit Full Bore are designed to be anything but routine. That's because the CrossFit philosophy calls for constantly varied functional movements at a high intensity, which keep bodies and minds from getting bored. Since these exercises cover a range of activities, CrossFit Full Bore offers beginner's fundamentals classes that cover sample workouts at a slower pace. This approach allows trainers to make sure that students can safely complete each exercise before they enter classic or ladies-only CrossFit classes.
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    3333 Division Street
    Metairie, LA US
  • Anytime Fitness
    Anytime Fitness, which boasts more than 1,800 clubs in North America, makes it easier for average folks to etch out time for exercise by doing one simple thing: staying open 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. As fitness seekers challenge themselves on cardio and Hammer Strength machines and hoist Iron Grip free weights in clean, well-stocked facilities, security monitoring ensures they?re safe and producing enough sweat to meet official government standards. Members can also ramp up their exercise regimens with the help of Anytime Fitness?s staff of personal trainers, who demonstrate moves and sling motivating tips. After workouts, guests can shower in the private restrooms.
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    2020 Gause Blvd W
    Slidell, LA US