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Homey dental office with comfy couches, televisions in each treatment room, relaxing music, and spa-like amenities

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Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

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Geaux Body

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Instructors lead a fitness party fueled by big-octane beats that push multi-skilled students and focus on fun as well as weight loss

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Wild Tiger's band of experienced yoga and fitness teachers leads a diverse collection of classes all week. The studio’s schedule of classes offers sessions suitable for most ability levels, including yin yoga, which utilizes longer-held stationary poses to target the body's connective tissues around the hips, the pelvis, and the lower spine, helping Elvis impersonators to increase range of gyration. The studio temperature dials up to a balmy 95–105 degrees during one-hour hot-yoga sweat sessions that help muscles to melt into deep, healing postures while ridding the body of harmful toxins. BodyTrim classes sculpt lean physiques with circuit-style training, focusing on a continuous rotation of exercises that build strong cores and improve cardiovascular and mental endurance, and dance-infused Zumba classes feature easy-to-follow steps set to energizing tunes to burn calories and tone lower bodies, providing a more effective and authentic Latin-flavored workout than reenacting scenes from Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

17152 Jefferson Highway
Baton Rouge,

American bears are settling into hibernation in colder climates, so there's no better time for humans to gain physical superiority. Today’s Groupon gives you 14 day passes to your local Spectrum Athletic Club for $39 (normally $25 each)—that's less than $3 per day. You can come and go as you please each day you use a pass, so stop in for a morning workout and come back after work for an evening class.800 nanometers: Looks sort of like red, but if you stare at it for more than a few seconds, you throw up corn even if you’ve never eaten corn.900 nm: Ghosts become visible, but only ghosts of boring people.1000 nm: Bees can see this wavelength, which allows them to detect and sting only people who are allergic to bee stings.2000 nm: You’d see a childhood version of yourself who frequently chastises you for weaknesses.3000 nm: You can see those who society has made invisible, like drifters and public criers.

4463 Hwy. 1 South
Port Allen,

Yoga Bliss elongates muscles and empowers equilibrium through a range of tailored stretching sessions, with several frequently offered course types and more than 35 sessions on the weekly schedule. The Ashtanga Primary Series, derived from meditative Hatha yoga, bolsters spiritual as well as spinal alignment, and hot yoga melts away stressors including toxins, muscle tension, and ice sculptures shaped like childhood bullies. Neophytes begin their evolution into veteran yogis with Basics seminars, and the gentle/restorative session's slow motions and measured breathing accommodate aspiring back-benders with injuries sustained during previous workouts or backyard wrestling matches. Students can stretch out on their own mat or rent one from the studio for an additional $2.

1857 Government St
Baton Rouge,

Geaux CrossFit builds physical skills and delivers dramatic fitness results with CrossFit’s style of short, intense, and creative workouts. The CrossFit program whips fitness-forward men and women into optimal shape with a range of maximum-intensity, functional exercises, giving students the strength and confidence to stand up to the 5 year old who knocked over their sandcastle. Routines conjure sweat with pull-ups, crunches, and Terminator-esque powerlifting or build balance and coordination with basic gymnastics. Students will struggle up climbing ropes and demolish condemned buildings by swinging giant kettlebells into their crumbling foundations.

8775 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge,

The body-sculpting sessions and up-to-date facilities at Fitness Concepts of Baton Rouge reward women of all ages and ambitions with the means to stay active and run circles around their fitness goals. Muscle mavens nudge convivial trainees closer to their peak physiques with intense boot camp workouts available three days a week. Each camper's sweat regimen is prescribed based on individual fitness and the ability to lift and shake the change out of minivans. Trainees also receive a comprehensive fitness assessment and personalized nutrition plan to supplement the routines of boot camp and the bootless beyond.

4710 Oneal Ln
Baton Rouge,

American Fight Club's experienced instructors guide students of all skill levels in a variety of judo and Brazilian jujitsu classes six days a week, including introductory Level 1 courses on Monday–Thursday evenings. Students assemble on a sea of soft red mats as teachers guide them through exercises in body control, leverage, and submission moves to stop opponents from tickling. A graduate of the prestigious Machado Academy, founder Joe Savoian brings a wealth of training and competitive experience to the education of aspiring leg-lockers, and also oversees an American Fight Club satellite campus in Alabama. Students can focus their training toward preparing for local competitions, and earn brownie points for lowering Joe's carbon footprint by hip-tossing him from one AFC location to another.

7104 Antioch Road
Baton Rouge,