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Milt's Barbecue for the Perplexed may have a strange name, but there's nothing peculiar about its delectable barbecue meats, which are smoked on-site and certified kosher under cRc supervision. Read on to learn more about the menu:

  • What to start with: the brisket chili fries
  • How vegetarians can enjoy the barbecue bounty: an order of the vegetarian chili, which proudly boasts no fake-meat substitutes
  • Must-try entrée: the brisket burger with its patty of blended Romanian ground-beef and smoked brisket, topped with house-made barbecue sauce and crispy onion strings
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Patricia2 years ago

Really good

gavriel2 years ago

Food was too smokey and reheating instructions were not included

Michael2 years ago

Outstanding Food and service!!! We will dine with Milts more in the future.

Scott2 years ago

Never been disappointed. The best kosher bbq on either side of the Mississippi. Funny story, a couple of years ago I was outside Milts to plug my meter and a couple walked by. One guy said I don't know what they put in it but it doesn't taste like real bbq...to which i thought, "Dude it's what they dont put in it...pork." About to enjoy this meal celebrating our son's 21st birthday. Gotta eat now.

Philip3 years ago

The meal was supposed to come with reheating instructions. Since we didn’t receive the instructions we had to guess on how long and the proper temperature to reheat the food. I think the meal would have been better if we reheated it properly.

sharon3 years ago

Great service ready as promised. Awesome food

Ben5 years ago

Burger is the best burger around

marilyn5 years ago

service and food excellent

Sonya5 years ago

Delicious food, wonderful atmosphere, and great service.