reModel Cosmetic Dentistry

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An examination will give your mouth a quick once-over to verify dental health while an x-ray ensures that your teeth are actually attached to your mouth, and not just Tic Tacs hot-glued in their place. Next, gift your gumcessories a Zoom! whitening treatment designed for safe, immediate shade-shifting results of at least six to ten shades. This quick, pain-free process takes just over an hour and involves the application of a scientifically formulated gel that activates under a specially designed Zoom! light. Feel free to kick back and relax as the activated gel makes its way into your teeth, targeting discolorations and transforming smiles from sparkling to most sparklingist. After a five-minute fluoride treatment, patients are fully armed with instant brightness that can last for years to come. Much like building a cubicle, the entire Zoom! process takes place in-office, which means you'll be exempt from additional take-home whitening regimens; though, to remain at the pinnacle of pearliness, five out of five dentists recommend maintaining proper care.

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