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Honshu Lounge owner and executive sushi chef tucks fresh seafood and veggies into rolls in ways that are pleasing to both the eyes and the tongue. He wraps the Honshu roll—stuffed with yellowtail, avocado, tuna, and salmon—in a sheet of special seaweed that’s marbled with white and green, and sprinkles vibrant-red tobiko onto the White Pearl roll’s pale salmon. Orange dollops of spicy sauce pop against the slices of green avocado that sit atop the Dynamite roll, and the Red Phoenix roll is known to spontaneously burst into flames before re-rolling its shrimp-tempura center.

The interior of the eatery is also infused with pops of color, from the traditional Japanese kimono in golden and violet hues to the blue lights that illuminate the sushi bar. Strings of holiday lights and the occasional mistletoe dangle above tables decorated with stir-fried noodles and steaks glazed in teriyaki sauce.

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Joanne9 years ago

Ordered the ramen soup. Taste was bland and did not have enough broth.

Mary9 years ago

Will definitely be back! Great food and great people.

Pamela9 years ago

Super friendly staff. Great food. Wish I knew about this place 3 years ago. Its a hole in the wall but those are the best places. Honshu is a hidden jem that we're coming back too. Thank you!

Jessica9 years ago

We love Honshu. Tasty food (the veggie sushi is delicious) and good service.

Jennifer10 years ago

good service, good food...what's not to like?!?! Just have a little patience if you're driving, its a little tough to find parking

Ravi10 years ago

Greatest Sushi spot in the Downtown Jersey City area.

Lori10 years ago

Water tasted funny. They gave me BBQ sauce with my Pork Katsu. Thats very unJapanese.

Kim10 years ago

Keep up the good work!

Michael10 years ago

Hands down, best sushi in DTJC. Great people, always a fun time.

denise10 years ago

sushi is so good !!!