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Star Wars Educational Workbook Sets

Workbooks full of Star Wars illustrations teach students preschool to second grade lessons about ABCs, numbers, math, and writing

$26.85 $15.99

24-Karat-Gold Playing Cards

Full deck of 54 playing cards covered in 99.9% 24-karat-gold foil for an opulent look

$27.99 $8.99

Accu Force Infrared Remote Control 3.5CH Helicopter with 3D Controls

R/C helicopter comes assembled and ready to fly with a stabilizing gyroscope to make it easier to control; includes spare parts

$84.99 $15.99

My Happy Trip Kids' Rolling Luggage

Rolling luggage designed in Switzerland delights kids with cute owl or puppy exterior

$62.99 $37.99

Amazing Spider-Man 31" Complete Skateboard

These wood longboards on PVC wheels are made for kids and come decorated with Amazing Spider-Man graphics on the top and bottom

$49.95 $29.99

Home Innovations My Mini Play Mat

When put together, these foam puzzle pieces form a cushy play mat printed with a colorful neighborhood or safari scene


Girl Stuff Guide Book 2-Pack

Two guides, one of which can fit inside a pocket, help girls in grades 4–8 navigate tricky social situations and nurture confidence

$29.98 $19.99

4-Book Book of Manners Set with Reward Stickers

This set of books helps teach toddlers and early readers when and why we use good manners, reinforcing good behavior with reward stickers

$23.96 $9.99

Arcade-Style Basketball Game

This arcade-style basketball hoop set comes equipped with a retrieval net that guides the ball back to the shooter, as well as an air pump

$132.99 $27.99

One-Year, Six-Issue Subscription to Kiki Magazine

Kiki aims to be positive influence on young girls, with esteem- and brain-boosting articles and no ads or professional models

$28 $14

96-Piece Foam Alphabet-and-Number Puzzle Floor Mat for Kids

Colorful puzzle with 96 foam pieces helps teach kids numbers and the letters and forms a spacious playing surface when completed

$69.99 $34.99

14K Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Unisex Bands

Timeless wedding rings for men and women are forged from sterling silver and shine with 14k gold plating with a polished finish

$200 $9.99

My First Shopping Cart 10-Piece Set

Brightly colored mini shopping cart with nine toy food boxes for kids to sort and transport

$19.99 $10

10-Pack of Giant Children's Bedtime Stories

Large softcover books full of colorful illustrations help lull youngsters to sleep with the story of Cinderella or other fairy tales

$99.99 $19.99

EVA Foam Block Sets

Chunky foam blocks with easy-to-grip textured surfaces can be stacked and sorted into all kinds of creations

$27.99 $9.99

Big Boy's Work Shop 54-Piece Tool Bench Set

On this children’s tool bench, boys and girls can pretend to saw, bolt, hammer, and file blocks of faux-wood with kid-friendly tools

$69.99 $34.99

Black Series Portable Ping Pong Table Kit

Table tennis matches can break out almost anywhere with this portable set’s retractable nylon net, which clamps onto most ordinary tables

$50 $15.99

My First Cookin' Kitchen Play Set

Young children can pretend to bake pies or pop popcorn with fake food and toy utensils with this detailed kitchenette

$34.99 $25.99

Set of 4 Little Critter Giant Board Books

The beloved Little Critter and your child learn their ABCs, shapes, colors, and numbers in series of colorful board books

$51.80 $14.99

Vrum Ride-On Suitcase and Toy Storage

Kids can ride on this hard-sided suitcase or toy storage compartment, and a retractable strap lets parents tug them along at airports

$59.99 $25.99

Mixed Up Nursery Rhymes 4-Book Set

Durable board books add a twist to classic nursery rhymes and are designed to hold little ones’ attention with colorful graphics

$19.96 $13.99

Blackjack Card-Counting Decks

Card-counting decks with color-coded numbers designed to help blackjack players learn to bet shrewdly

$19.95 $9.99

Discovery Kids 3-in-1 Tabletop Easel

Tabletop easel for kids with a built-in paper roll, chalkboard surface, and magnetized whiteboard surface

$75 $24.99

Custom Wood Photo Puzzles

Upload photos of family vacations, loved ones, or pets onto these jigsaw puzzles, whose wooden pieces stand up to repeated use

$49.99 $9

A Shakespeare Children's Story 20-Book Boxed Set

Simplified narrative adaptations of the classic plays geared toward kids, with accompanying illustrations that help engage children

$140 $29.99

Light-Up LED Super-Big Bubble Maker

Kids can blow big bubbles with this fish-shaped bubble maker, which also lights up with colorful LEDs

$11.99 $8.99

Digital Drumsticks

Motion-activated drumsticks light up and play realistic drums sounds as you practice drumming motions in air or on any surface

$30 $11.99

Motion Building Block Music Box Toy Sets

Colorful blocks snap together to create carnival-inspired landscapes that move, such as a castle, a merry-go-round, or a ferris wheel

$80 $46.99

1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

1,000 puzzle pieces made from recycled materials come together to form images of wildlife, the New York City skyline, or Starry Night

$24.99 $14.99

Sesame Street 16-Book Collections

Sesame Street board books teach early reading and number skills and come packed inside fun bus display cases

$63.84 $17.99

Busy Wheels Children’s 8-Book Bundle

Set of eight illustrated children’s books starring fire trucks, monster trucks, tractors, and other vehicles

$63.60 $14.99

2-Pack of LED Laser Swords

Play swords glow with vibrant LED lights, inviting kids to playfully re-create epic movie scenes or imagine their own stories

$43.98 $14.99

Hydro Racing R/C Boat

Pull off tricky stunts and maneuvers with the help of a dual-joystick remote that allows for precision control

$47.99 $13.99

Online Test Prep Course

Test prep and software training courses grant access to lessons, videos, practice questions, and reports on PCs, Apple, and Android devices

$200 $19

10-Piece Educational Microscope Kit

Educational microscope kit lets kids explore and discover more about the microscopic world around them and develop an interest in science

$24.99 $13.99

Little Miss & Mr. Men 12-Book Set

Soft-cover books tell simple, humorous tales featuring classic Little Miss and Mr. Men characters and vibrant, full-page illustrations

$83.88 $19.99

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