Up to 75% Off Waist-Buster BioSculpt Lipo Treatments

Houston American Photon Lipo Centers Center for Weight Loss LLC

Multiple Locations(0.2 miles)

Noninvasive treatments shrink fat cells in the stomach, obliques, upper thighs, and lower back

$500 $125 Intro Price Ends 5/29

83% Off Lipo-Laser Sessions

Lumiere Fitness Spa

Houston(10.8 miles)

Noninvasive lipo-laser sessions slim physiques with no downtime

$600 $104

Up to 79% Off at Exclusive Body Wrap Express, LLC

Exclusive Body Wrap Express

Alief(14.1 miles)

Infrared wraps detoxify the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks; noninvasive lipo reduces fat by melting fat cells

$100 $21

Up to 92% Off Slimming Treatments

Beautified Skin Center

Great Uptown(6.6 miles)

Noninvasive slimming treatments that aim to dislodge fat-cell contents in the body, resulting in slimmer figures

$1,000 $94

Up to 92% Off Noninvasive Lipo Treatments

The Skinny Center

Houston(5.8 miles)

Noninvasive lipo removes fat from hard-to-slim areas such as the back and thighs using low-level laser energy

$1,125 $104

72% Off Waist-Buster BioSculpt Lipo Treatments

American Photon Lipo Centers

Multiple Locations(14.6 miles)

Noninvasive treatments shrink fat cells in the stomach, obliques, upper thighs, and lower back

$500 $140

Up to 80% Off Ultrasonic Body-Contouring Sessions

Mind Wellness RX

The Woodlands(25.9 miles)

Noninvasive ultrasound waves shrink fat cells in such problem areas as the abdomen, thighs, arms, and love handles

$475 $120

Up to 91% Off Med-Spa Slimming Packages

SHRINK Studios

Multiple Locations(28.5 miles)

A variety of med-spa treatments can stimulate collagen production, release the contents of fat cells, and minimize cellulite

$2,205 $199

Up to 89% Off Body-Contouring Treatments

Shape Body Center

Fairbanks - Northwest Crossing(10.0 miles)

Non-invasive lipo treatments and infrared body wraps work to contour bodies; six-week package with treatments and diet and exercise plan

$415 $104

Up to 71% Off Laser Lipo

Divine Define

Greater Greenspoint(12.6 miles)

Using ultrasonic cavitation, the treatments can non-surgically render silhouettes slimmer; complimentary wine

$400 $149

Up to 78% Off Lipo Injection Treatments or B-12 Injections

Oroki Family Health Clinic Inc.

Houston(9.4 miles)

When injected, lipotropic medication melts and breaks down fat; B-12 injections boost metabolism and energy

$190 $41

Up to 88% Off Infrared Sauna and Lipo-B

North Cypress Family Practice & Laser Center

Northwest Harris(19.8 miles)

Dry infrared heat increases circulation and eases pain and stiffness; lipo-B injections may increase energy and boost metabolism

$85 $20

Up to 84% Off B12 Injections at A New You Health and Wellness

A New You Health and Wellness

Galleria/Uptown(5.9 miles)

Lipo-B injections use fat-burning amino acids and a vitamin-B complex to boost metabolic processes and help accelerate weight loss

$180 $31 Sale Ends 5/25

Up to 81% Off Lipo-B Injections

SunCoast Medical Group

Sharpstown(10.2 miles)

Lipotropics speed up the metabolism and removal of fat through the liver, and vitamin B12 boosts energy levels

$320 $62

Up to 78% Off LED Light Therapy Masks

SHRINK Studios

Houston(17.7 miles)

Treatments kill acne-causing bacteria with blue light, stimulate collagen production with red light, or fade age spots with green light

$150 $39

Up to 77% Off Lipo-Light Treatments

River Oaks Med Spa

Multiple Locations(4.8 miles)

Noninvasive LED light targets localized fat deposits, slimming and toning physiques with no required down-time

$290 $94

Up to 82% Off Lipo Laser Treatments or Med-Spa Services

Metropolitan Laser Institute

Galleria (6.0 miles)

Lasers target and shrink fat cells to help slim down persistent trouble areas

$500 $158

Up to 86% Off LipoLaser Sessions at Intrigue


Multiple Locations(6.6 miles)

Lapex’s body-contouring system uses noninvasive cold-laser technology to help shrink inches from one targeted problem area

$500 $92

Up to 53% Off B12 Injections

Occupational HealthCare

Highlands(18.7 miles)

Injections of B12 or liptropics help clients dissolve fat and lose weight

$80 $40

Up to 88% Off Ultrasonic Lipo Treatments

Body FX, LLC

Westchase(12.7 miles)

Ultrasonic technology aims to collapse fat cells to nonsurgically slim-down body ares with no downtime

$600 $72 Sale Ends 5/25

56% Off iLipo Fat-Reduction Treatments

Med-Cure Anti-Aging & Skin Care

Great Uptown(6.6 miles)

Noninvasive laser treatments minimize localized fat deposits without discomfort or downtime

$1,199 $524

Up to 85% Off Slimming Packages

Amaya Antiaging Weight Loss & Zerona Clinic

West Memorial(23.5 miles)

B12 injection's mix of amino acids and vitamins spurs the metabolism and a lipo laser noninvasively melts fat tissue

$1,620 $299

Up to 67% Off Lipo-Light Sessions

Premier Pilates

Northwest Harris(24.0 miles)

Non-invasive body-contouring treatments help break down fat cells so the body can release the excess weight naturally

$398 $167

64% Off at River Oaks Weight Loss Center

River Oaks Weight Loss Center

Neartown/ Montrose(2.2 miles)

Noninvasive, FDA-approved cold laser helps to slim inches from waistline, hips, and thighs with little to no downtime

$1,440 $524

77% Off SAF Non-Invasive Ultrasonic-Lipo Sessions

New Heights Med Spa

Galleria(8.2 miles)

SAF lipo non-invasive treatments reshape clients’ bodies using the combined powers of ultrasound, heat, vacuum, and gentle massage

$600 $150 Sale Ends 5/28

Up to 82% Off Laser Lipo

Webster Laser Like Lipo

Webster(20.5 miles)

Cold-laser therapy aims to noninvasively emulsify fat deposits, which are then released from the body as waste

$480 $89 Sale Ends 5/25

Up to 79% Off Lipo-Light Body Contouring

Texas Health and Weight Institute

Greenway - Upper Kirby(4.8 miles)

Lipo-Light contours waists, hips, thighs, and other areas; whole-body vibration helps flush out released fatty acids

$580 $159

Up to 51% Off i-Lipo Treatments

Define Body Sculpt

Greenway - Upper Kirby(5.9 miles)

Noninvasive laser light targets localized fat deposits

$200 $105

Up to 77% Off Ultrasonic Cavitation or Skin Tightening

Slim Spa

Inside Salons of Kuykendahl(25.3 miles)

Noninvasive ultrasonic cavitation destroys fat cells with sound waves; radio-frequency waves tighten skin

$398 $104

Up to 79% Off LipoLaser Sessions at Body Contour Spa

Body Contour Spa

Sharpstown(10.1 miles)

Noninvasive ultrasonic waves break down fat, helping clients shed inches and tighten skin

$399 $104

Up to 78% Off SlimSonix Ultra

Body Sculpt Xpress

North Houston(34.0 miles)

Technicians target areas of fat with the SlimSonix Ultra's ultralow-frequency waves designed to emulsify the cells

$265 $71 Sale Ends 5/25

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