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Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel with Aloe Vera. Bulk Gallon Sizes.

Verified Purchaser
September 13, 2020
I grew to really like the product itself. Had to grow accustomed to aroma -- something I don't thing people have the patience for anymore really -- giving something a chance in general. But when it arrived, the box was pushed in at a big part of the top, the cap was almost off and the container and box were wet with the Gel losing well over a cup. I was

Kangaroo CBD Pain Relief Cream with Menthol & Comfrey Extract (1200mg)

Verified Purchaser
September 17, 2020
I have ulnar nerve and brachial plexy neuralgia in both upper limbs. This cream has helped me to get a good night's rest without having to take an Aleve PM. I don't like relying on a medication to make me sleep.

Non-Medical Cotton Blend Fabric Mask with Pocket (3 or 5-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
September 8, 2020
We’ve already bought a pack before. These fit great, are easy to clean, and have an insert for a filter. Highly recommend.

XTF Women's Knee-Length Patterned Compression Socks (3 or 6 Pairs)

Verified Purchaser
September 12, 2020
This is the first time I’ve purchased compression socks. They fit nice and feel good on my calf’s. I love the colors. What a deal!

XFit Copper-Infused Compression Socks (5-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
September 17, 2020
I am on my feet for extended periods of time while working. In addition, I have no car so I walk-walk-and walk. I can say my feet and legs are not as tired as they would be without these socks.

Home Health Care for Every Need, Every Day on Groupon

When it comes to taking care of your health, a trip to the doctor is always the first priority. Beyond that, though, Groupon can help you manage your home health care with an ever-changing array of durable medical equipment and other items. Whether your medical professional has asked you keep tabs on your blood pressure or simply recommended ways to sleep better, you'll find the health care products you need to act on those recommendations.

Move Better with Less Pain

Pain comes in all forms, but luckily so do pain relief devices and treatments. Migraine wraps, heating pads, and the old standby of a hot water bottle can all be found along with less traditional health care products such as roll-on pain relievers and kinesiology tape. Athletes and arthritics can both find solace in compression garments and medical braces, which can help manage pain, prevent injury, and increase circulation during exercise or day-to-day life.

Track Vital Signs

Keep track of your (or a loved one's) health with the right type of health monitor, whether you need to ensure blood pressure is staying within a healthy range, instantly detect oxygen levels with a pulse oximeter, or measure alcohol intake with a portable breathalyzer. It also never hurts to have a good digital or infrared thermometer handy, along with a well-stocked first aid kit.

Get Through the Day and Night

The hustle and bustle of daily life can put a strain on your body—particularly if you rely on a cane or walker—but you can recover with daily living aids from top brands such as DMI. If the so-called ergonomic chair at the office only seems to cause you back pain, slide in a lumbar-support pillow. At home, a humidifier can help relieve symptoms associated with dry air. Groupon is here for you at night, too, when non-medicinal sleep aids—such as specially designed pillows, anti-snoring mouthpieces, and sleep masks—can make all the difference in drifting off to dreamland.