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Floopi Women's Faux Fur Lined Basic Moccasin Slipper with Memory Foam

Verified Purchaser
May 6, 2019
Love these. were a little tight when i got them but after wearing them for a while they stretched to fit my feet. now they are very comfortable.

Floopi Women's Indoor Outdoor Slippers with Memory Foam

Verified Purchaser
July 4, 2019
Amazing!!! Please please try it. I brought two. They’re soooo.. freaking soft and comfortable. Highly recommend take my words for it, regardless of what you may read in the reviews. I try to be straight with you guys to the best of my ability, one or two times I, jump the gun and comment too fast and the product turns out horrible. I own a pair for a little over a month absolutely amazing

Floopi Women's Faux Fur Lined Basic Moccasin Slipper with Memory Foam

Michael J
Verified Purchaser
April 19, 2019
good fit, good style, good price. The inside sole doesn't cover the whole foot so it sometimes feels like you're walking on the side of your feet.

Floopi Women's Indoor Outdoor Soft Velvet Clog Slippers w/ Memory Foam

Verified Purchaser
June 24, 2019
I am giving them to someone so have not been worn yet but they appear to be nice slippers

Floopi Women's Basic Memory Foam Moccasin Slipper W/Faux Fur Collar

Verified Purchaser
July 16, 2019
My granddaughter loved them. She stated they were nice and cuddly.

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Few things are more relaxing than putting on a pair of slippers and curling up on the couch. Whether it’s the end of a long day or early Saturday morning, women’s slippers are the ultimate me time symbol. But what style to get?

If You Have to Slip Out

Let’s say you’re enjoying a quiet morning at home when the dog makes it clear she has some urgent business to attend to outside. Rather than change into a pair of shoes, you can keep your slippers on for a short walk as long as they have sturdy rubber soles. Look for slipper-style moccasins for women, which are made just for this purpose.

Or Are Determined to Stay In

If you don’t plan on leaving the house, fur slippers are your best friend. They’re cozy with a capital C, and brands on Groupon such as Muk Luks are known for making them in festive knit patterns that up the comfort factor. Now all you need is a little R&R—a robe and the remote—and you’re all set.