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  • Gaia Flow Yoga
    Chrystal Rae and Andres Illera became best friends practicing yoga together, so it's no surprise that love is a fundamental tenet of Gaia Flow Yoga, their shared studio and registered yoga school. When describing the tenets of love-based yoga, Chrystal says that the practice hinges on the opening of the heart, which allows the spirituality of ancient yogic practices to blend with modern Western mindsets. So far, Chrystal and Andres have coaxed open the cardiovascular doors of more than 300 yoga teachers through their school, reaching exponentially more students and students’ imaginary friends along the way. With 36 active instructors and three locations, they teach an endless stream of classes that combine the ideas of Hatha, Raja, and Bhakti yoga.
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    15520 Spectrum Drive
    Addison, TX US
  • MetaBody Dallas
    The inspiring trainers at each MetaBody location lead troops of workouteers in results-oriented workouts several times weekly. Sweat sessions utilize a variety of exercises and disciplines to produce full-body results in a supportive environment, ideal for beginners and hard-core core-hardeners alike. During any class, motivational instructors will use the instinctual distrust of routine to their advantage. Begin a day of litigating with a refreshing early-morning boot-camp session, or wind down by burning evidence and pounds with a late-evening yoga class. Muscles are kept guessing with new and challenging moves during each session, so participants never fall into a boring, ineffective routine, such as regular teeth brushing. In addition to the fitness classes, students receive a success guide to help prepare for imminent pound loss, a nutrition guide, and a $100 gift certificate for individual coaching. Because the pass sets a 10-class cap at any given location, roving fitness mavens can further shake up their workout regimens by vetting a series of classes or instructors that work best for them.
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    5080 Addison Circle
    Addison, TX US
  • Samatone Yoga by DPYP!
    Founder Suze Curtis left her corporate gig in 1994 to pursue her passions?leading, healing, and staying physically active. The turning point in her journey came in 1996, when she created a yoga style of her own: Dynamic Power Yoga Plus!, now known as Samatone Yoga by DPYP!. Practiced in a heated environment, Samatone combines power Vinyasa flow with sonic vibrations. Suitable for beginners, experts, and people made of slinkies, Samatone Yoga by DPYP! landed top honors on Dallas A-List's Best of list four years in a row, and earned the title Favorite Yoga Studio of 2013 from the readers of Addison magazine. One reason clients love the studio so much?affordable babysitting services are available on site.
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    4951 Airport Pkwy, Ste 590
    Addison, TX US
  • Well Help Fitness
    The staff at Well Help Fitness believes in a dedicated, multi-disciplined approach to wellness that values both physical fitness and mental heath. Personal trainers help clients design efficient, focused workout regimens that address their individualized needs, and fitness instructors lead a range of group classes, including Pilates, high-intensity interval training, and BUTIyoga?a yoga-based program that incorporates elements of cardio work, plyometric drills, and tribal dance moves. Staffers also offer life coaching to assist their clients in living healthier, happier lives outside of the studio, helping them make dramatic changes in the ways that they handle stress, develop personal relationships, and pronounce the word "February".
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    4324 Sunbelt Drive
    Addison, TX US
  • Krama Yoga Center Carrollton
    Krama Yoga Center's squad of dedicated instructors elucidate the ancient art of yoga for students of all skill levels with classes that emphasize mindful appreciation of the body. The studio boasts an expansive schedule of classes, including Vinyasa sessions that synchronize breath, movement, and high-fiving to generate focus as well as limber limbs. Guided Ashtanga classes hone the form and stamina required to attend Mysore Ashtanga sessions, where students progress through the traditional sequences unguided and at their own pace while instructors float about to offer postural adjustments and blueprints for new poses to attempt.
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    2760 E Trinity Mills Rd, Ste 120
    Carrollton, TX US
  • Bikram Yoga Richardson
    After a car crash at the age of 16, Jamie Davis’s life was a maze of hospital visits, surgeries, cortisone shots, and perpetual discomfort. She slowly began augmenting her treatment with yoga, and today she says she is free of pain and serving as one of many talented instructors at Bikram Yoga Richardson. The yogis lead 90-minute workouts in a room warmed to 104 degrees, the optimal temperature for flushing toxins, performing deep stretches safely, and getting arctic seals to confess to crimes. Teachers demonstrate two breathing techniques and 26 Hatha yoga postures for pupils of all ability levels, helping them firm and trim physiques. Transformations get underway in a spacious yoga area next to changing rooms with showers, storage cubbies, and a lobby that, much like a grassy highway median, is designed for lounging.
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    1330 W Campbell Rd, Ste 106
    Richardson, TX US

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