Health Clubs in Arvada

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  • Prestige Fitness Denver
    Although Prestige Fitness' new facilities sparkle with brand-new cardio and strength-training machines and freshly painted walls, they still possess an air of intensity found in most worn-in gyms. Personal TVs on each piece of cardio equipment wire members into their favorite shows as they slay calories, saving them from the standard gym entertainment of harmonized grunting. Group exercise classes challenge members to burn calories in tandem, as they engage in the intense routines of Lance Armstrong Livestrong group cycling, Zumba, or yoga. Massage therapists help melt away the tension of a hard workout, plying their trade in quiet massage rooms isolated from the rest of the gym's hubbub. A two-story mini gym keeps tykes active in the Kids Club, where they shoot down slides, clamber up and down climbing equipment, and give kisses to punching bags.
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    15530 W 64th Ave
    Arvada, CO US
  • Front Range Boot Camp
    Too many 60-hour workweeks is what prompted Robyn Morrisette to ditch the corporate world for the fitness world. After becoming an ISSA-certified personal trainer, a CrossFit Level 1 coach, and a certified Adventure Boot Camp coach, she ultimately started Front Range Boot Camp, "a women?s boot camp with heart." There, while being spurred on by Morrisette and the other exercisers, women can push, pull, run, climb, and jump their way to health and physical fitness, tracking their progress and becoming part of a fun community along the way. The exercise program changes daily but always starts with a warm-up and ends with yoga. And it's not just about the exercise?participants can also expect nutritional guidance, fitness evaluations, body challenges, personal coaching, and free events intended to inspire a totally transformed lifestyle.
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    10600 West 50th Avenue
    Wheat Ridge, CO US
  • CrossFit Lakewood
    CrossFit Lakewood has been in the business of transforming lives since 2009. A Level 2 owner leads a committed crew of coaches who operate out of a 8,000-square-foot facility in the heart of Lakewood. The staff strives for a common goal: to help others realize their fitness potential. To that end, coaches train clients using CrossFit methodology, which involves functional movements at a high intensity performed in a fun, dynamic group setting. The Workout of the Day?the ever-changing regimen around which CrossFit's program revolves?employs cardio exercises, body weighted movements, and resistance training. Equipment ranges from kettle bells, medicine balls, and dumbbells to ropes, rowers, barbells, and more.
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    7175 West 16th Ave
    Lakewood, CO US
  • Bodies by Perseverance
    "Your gym time is entirely focused on you," promises the staff at Bodies by Perseverance, and they're not just paying lip service. The fitness haven swaps an open-gym format for one-on-one and small-group training sessions in which each member gets a chance to be the focus. During a typical personal-training session, an expert will tailor a workout and nutrition plan to your needs, helping you to lose weight or build lean muscle. Personal Group Training blends a variety of fitness disciplines together to create a full-body workout, while partner training, group training, and group classes such as HIIT & Abs help members motivate each other.
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    450 East 17th Avenue
    Denver, CO US
  • Karma Yoga Center
    Nicole knows that beautiful skin starts from within. She understands that external beauty is a reflection of one?s internal health. Unwanted skin blemishes are the body?s way of telling us something is not right. As an expert in Chinese medicine and holistic health Nicole knows what to look for and how to treat it. She li
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    290 S Franklin St
    Denver, CO US
  • Axistence Athletics
    At Axistence Athletics, you're just as likely to lift a barbell as you are to hunker down in a bear crawl. The gym has a pick-and-choose approach to its workouts: pick what works from various fitness styles, and combine them into a new regimen. Their CrossFit/MovNat classes are a prime example. They blend CrossFit lifts and drills with movements that have real-life relevance?you might balance, jump, climb, crawl, and throw during a single class, just as you might need all those skills to be the first to use the office microwave. And because the student-to-trainer ratio never rises above 7:1, you'll have personalized guidance the whole time. The gym wouldn't have such a diverse exercise program without its two leading men, Dan Jimenez and Ryan Humphries. Their combined resumes speak to their experience in several fitness fields, including TRX, CrossFit, NASM, Taekwondo, and military training. Aside from being an Eagle Scout, Dan is also a certified wilderness first responder, and his passion for nature drives specialized outdoor courses. Students can learn how to backpack, how to survive outside of civilization, and how to navigate using the detailed maps that grow naturally in moss.
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    1950 S Quebec Street
    Denver, CO US