Denver fitness centers and doctors offer a host of healthy options perfectly suited to a city situated at such a high altitude. Healthcare professionals and gym trainers understand the rigors of working out in the thin air of the city, and the local gyms and fitness center provide a diversity unavailable in many areas outside of Denver.

Die-hard exercise aficionados can turn to the trainers at Bodies by Perseverance to meet their fitness goals. The trainers at this facility offer top-notch advice and planning designed to help patrons fine-tune their bodies and push their limits. Other methods of attaining physical goals are also found throughout the city. BodyLab offers a different take on fitness, using the latest in medical and kinetic science to help guests learn to combine exercise and nutrition to build powerful bodies from the inside.

Denver's gyms also offer a variety of less common fitness options. At Trans Fitness and Kickboxing, patrons learn to strengthen their bodies through kickboxing and martial arts. PowerHour Kettlebell Fitness stresses the use of the kettlebell, a heavy object that allows strength training when used as part of other exercise regimens. Tease Studio enables patrons to create their fit bodies and meet weight-loss goals through dance. Exotic and traditional dance lessons are available at the studio, as well as the more traditional cardio and toning equipment.

Gyms in the city do not neglect the spiritual side of health development, however. Qi Downtown provides traditional yoga training, as well as modern variants for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of inner-city life. Qi Lowry provides low-impact exercise courses designed to help promote its clients' overall fitness and health.

Denver fitness centers run the gamut from the traditional weightlifting and cardio options to more unusual methods of creating healthy bodies. The city's variety of options ensures that residents can find a workout method that works with their schedule and lifestyle.

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