Nail Salons in and near Denver, CO

When it comes to nail salons, Denver has as much to offer as any other major U.S. city—and maybe even more. After all, this is a city that often sees its weather alternating between extremes, and all that temperature variation can wreak havoc on hands, meaning that the nail techs in this town often have their work cut out for them. But in a city filled with great options, what does it take to be the best nail salon in Denver? Read on to see what it took to be named one of our top spots.

Renee at Luna Salon & Spa

Location: Dayton Triangle


“Perfectionist” is the label most often given to nail tech Renee by her satisfied clients. But beyond curbing cuticle growth and exfoliating hands and feet with machine-like precision, Renee also boasts a bubbling personality that earns her many return customers. Speaking of customers, here’s what a few of ours had to say about their experience with Renee:


Renee is excellent. She is meticulous—I don't have to watch over her or tell her to bring the polish all the way to the edge. I highly recommend Luna Salon. – Stacey Y.


Loved my nails!!!!! They lasted a month! I only got them redone because they grew out so much. Renee did an amazing job!!! – Madison O.

Renee was great! I got the gel manicure and regular pedicure, and both lasted well over two weeks. I would definitely come to Renee again in the future for both services. – Kirsten F.

A Guide to 7 Popular Nail Shapes:


Round or square tips aren’t your only choices anymore. Here are 7 popular nail shapes you should know about so you can ask for your favorite at your next manicure:


  • Coffin: long and tapered, but with flat, squared-off tips. Choose them if you want to mimic the celebs often seen wearing them.
  • Almond: Slim and tapered, but with a rounded point. Pick them if you want your fingers to look slimmer.
  • Stiletto: extremely long and tapered to a dramatic spike-like point. Choose these if you want to make a statement (and you never do dishes).
  • Oval: classic and soft. Choose them if you want to prevent breaks.
  • Square: Practical, flat edges that hold up against typing and other heavy use.
  • Squoval: A cross between square and oval. Choose them if you want the practical benefits of square nails, with a slightly softer look.
  • Round: Curved from edge to tip, but typically shorter than oval nails. These are the most durable of the bunch, so choose short, round nails if you work with your hands a lot.

Oak Street Spa

Location: Downtown Fort Collins

Though it may technically be located in Fort Collins, we wouldn’t blame you for hopping a train from Denver to visit this welcoming downtown spa where owner Van has earned a reputation for her excellent pedicures. Instead of tired pedicure thrones with busted massagers, clients at Oak Street Spa settle into plush leather armchairs, making you feel like you’re relaxing in your own living room as Van gets to work scrubbing away calluses and massaging your feet with organic products, incorporating hot stones into the session if you like. But while she’ll effectively rid your feet of every flake of dry, hardened skin, Van will somehow manage to do it with a gentle and delicate touch that will turn even the most pedi-shy person into a regular customer.

Manifique Spa

Location: Cherry Creek


The crew at Manifique Spa are true nail artists, treating nails as tiny canvases on which to paint gilded tree branches, delicate snowflakes, or realistic-looking strands of pearls. They aren’t without a sense of humor though, and have also been known to outfit nails with adorable ladybugs or dress them up like Ninja Turtles, if that’s what the client wants. In short: if you can dream it, they can paint it on your nails. Add in the fact that their Shellac designs have been known to last for weeks, and you’ve got all the makings of one of the best nail salons in Denver, not to mention one of the most creative.


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