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Massage in Denver

City living can be stressful, even in one as beautiful as Denver. If you’re stressed and looking for relief via massage, Denver is rich with options. Whether you want a relaxing Swedish session or a more-intense deep tissue massage, start here, with our list and you just might find the best massage in denver.

LoDo Massage Studio | Five Points

For the studio’s signature Mile High Massage, the therapist draws from a range of massage styles—including deep-tissue, myofascial release, and sports massage—in order to target each client’s sore spots with precision. Clients can also boost their wellness with a private yoga session tailored just for them, with calibrated poses and breathing practices to enhance relaxation.

Moyer Total Wellness | East Denver


This center for chiropractic care and acupuncture has received multiple awards for its massage services, including 2018 Best Massage in Denver from Denver A-List and the 2017 Reader’s Choice for Top Massage from 5280 Magazine. But if these accolades for its specialty shiatsu, thai, and traditional massages aren’t enough, check out what our customers have to say:


“Scott's Thai massages are the BEST!!!” – Lauren M.


“The Himalayan Salt Stone Massage is AMAZING!” – Tom F.


“I appreciated that the chiropractor and massage therapist explained why I was feeling pain/discomfort and ways to alleviate this on my own time.” – Kim I.

“Best best massage and facial!!! Would definitely go back!!!” – Alana B.


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Best Couples Massage in Denver

Peace of Mind Massage | Platt Park

Within a quaint victorian, deep rich hues of purple and forest green create a soothing atmosphere as this studio’s therapists attend to tight and tense muscles. Specialty massage options include the Cannablessed Massage, during which the therapist’s stokes are aided by CBD salve to help relieve pain and inflammation. The therapists are also skilled at traditional techniques, as well as Thai yoga and ashiatsu massage.


For the couples massage, twosomes are ensconced upstairs in a tranquil corner swathed in soothing decor and music. The therapists will integrate any of the massage techniques they need to release each client’s tension.

Four Massage Styles

Whether you’re new to massage or haven’t had anything other than a deep-tissue session in awhile, the myriad types of massage can be mind boggling. Here are four of the most popular, which you might want to request at your next massage appointment.

Swedish Massage

  • How it’s done: long, gliding strokes; gentle kneading; circular motions—all geared toward relaxation
  • Benefits: easing of superficial tension; boosting circulation
  • Try it: if you’ve never had a massage before or just need light to moderate tension relief

Deep-Tissue Massage

  • How it’s done: intense kneading and strong strokes
  • Benefits: the release of chronic tension and improvement of range of motion
  • Try it: if your muscle pain and tension is deep or chronic

Shiatsu Massage

  • How it’s done: strong kneading, with the therapist often using elbows, knees, and even feet
  • Benefits: stress release via improved circulation and oxytocin production
  • Try it: if you’re curious about Eastern massage styles and in serious need of de-stressing

Trigger-Point Massage

  • How it’s done: deep-tissue-style strokes and kneading targeted to specific points of tension
  • Benefits: relief from issues such as sciatica, stiff joints, and plantar fasciitis
  • Try it: if you have any of the above ailments and you can handle pain that’s so bad it’s good

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Best Prenatal Massage

Women's Integrative Massage at Harmony’s Family Cooperative | Cherry Creek

Dedicated to meeting the unique needs of women’s bodies, the therapists at Women’s Integrative massage understand the different needs of female physiology. Clinical massage can be calibrated to each woman to restore health and relaxation, while a dynamic bodywork session includes massage as well as assisted-stretch techniques to help with flexibility and range of motion.


And it’s the prenatal massage where these therapists can really shine, as the management of pain during pregnancy has been their focus for over two decades. However the mother is most comfortable—face down, seated, or sideways—the therapist can help relieve that tension so unique to pregnancy, in a way that will give the expectant mother some much needed peace.

What Is a Prenatal Massage?

While studies show that a massage session can significantly reduce pain and discomfort during pregnancy, a prenatal massage is different from traditional massage in a few important ways.


The Process

During a prenatal massage, the client should lie on her side, with her body weight supported by specially designed pillows. Some therapists, however, utilize pregnancy massage tables, which have a cutout for the abdomen, enabling the client to lie on her stomach.


The massage therapist will likely focus on the lower back, as that’s a source of discomfort for many pregnant women, and on the head, neck, and shoulders to help relieve headaches.


Other Considerations

First of all, an expectant mother should be cleared by her doctor before getting a massage. During the session, the therapist will likely steer clear of the belly and only lightly massage the legs, to avoid releasing blood clots.

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