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  • Supper Thyme USA
    Supper Thyme's goal is to de-stress the breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours by inviting visitors to craft hearty and nutritious meals beforehand. After perusing the monthly rotating menu, customers can select an assortment of calorie-conscious, family-friendly, or organically inspired dishes and schedule an appointment to come in and assemble the ingredients. Staff members then gather all of the necessary ingredients and utensils, ensuring that each meal can be assembled in as few as 10 minutes. In between portioning out servings, visitors can enjoy a snack while listening to music or chatting with fellow attendees in the shop’s casual, low-stress kitchen environment. The meals can remain safely frozen in homes' freezers, with easy-to-follow cooking instructions allowing customers to quickly thaw and cook entrees whenever they might need to feed families, guests, or a lost restaurant reviewer.
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    2217 Commerce Road
    Forest Hill, MD US
  • Enotria Restaurant and Grill
    For good eats and good times in Forest Hill, dine at Enotria Restaurant and Grill. Calories take a backseat at Enotria Restaurant and Grill, where low-fat anything is barred from the menu. Pair your entree with a glass of wine or draft beer — Enotria Restaurant and Grill has a fully-stocked bar to complement your meal. Bring the whole family to Enotria Restaurant and Grill, where kiddos are welcomed with open arms. Round up your coworkers and head to Enotria Restaurant and Grill for happy hour. Don't stay cooped up on a beautiful summer day! At Enotria Restaurant and Grill, you can dine outdoors on their lovely patio. Skip long waits and head to Enotria Restaurant and Grill with your large group for easy seating. Business casual dress, tasty food and a classic atmosphere makes this a great place for any occasion. Hosting a swanky shindig? Call up Enotria Restaurant and Grill for their catering services. If time is of the essence, Enotria Restaurant and Grill's take-out option may be a better fit. At Enotria Restaurant and Grill, you can easily find parking in the lot next door. No matter what you choose off the menu at Enotria Restaurant and Grill, you won't completely break the bank with prices averaging around $30. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it's the dinner menu that really draws the crowds.
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    2 Newport Dr
    Forest Hill, MD US
  • Wargo's Forest Hill Inn
    Catch up with your friends over a bite to eat at Wargo's Forest Hill Inn, a local American bistro. It s easy to find fare you love at Wargo's Forest Hill Inn, though fat levels are anything but low. Complement your meal with a beer or wine from Wargo's Forest Hill Inn's delightful drink menu. Go ahead and bring your rug rats with you — Wargo's Forest Hill Inn has kid-friendly food and seating. Wargo's Forest Hill Inn caters to all party sizes, both large and small. Take it nice and easy at Wargo's Forest Hill Inn, where casual dress is the rule of the day. You can also grab your grub to go. Wargo's Forest Hill Inn's diners can park in a neighboring lot just seconds away. Fancy snacks do come at a higher price, but wow are they delicious. Wargo's Forest Hill Inn accepts major credit cards, including Discovery and AMEX. Head on over to Wargo's Forest Hill Inn first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening — Wargo's Forest Hill Inn is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
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    308 E Jarrettsville Rd
    Forest Hill, MD US
  • Jarrettsville Creamery and Deli
    Creamy cheeses and fresh meats are plentiful at Jarrettsville Creamery and Deli, a deli sandwich hub. For those tired of trendy diets, Jarrettsville Creamery and Deli s lack of low-fat food is sure to make your stomach smile. At Jarrettsville Creamery and Deli, kids of all ages are welcome. Seating is readily available at Jarrettsville Creamery and Deli for those with large parties. Be sure to check out Jarrettsville Creamery and Deli's outdoor seating when the climate is right. No need to put on airs for a trip to Jarrettsville Creamery and Deli — the dress code and ambience at this restaurant are totally laid-back. Carry-out is also available for those who prefer to enjoy Jarrettsville Creamery and Deli's cooking from the comfort of their own home. With a parking lot adjacent to Jarrettsville Creamery and Deli, you won't get stuck circling the block. There's no need to spend a fortune on a delicious meal at Jarrettsville Creamery and Deli — most prices are under $15.
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    1747 Jarrettsville Rd
    Jarrettsville, MD US
  • Palmisano's
    Pick up a side of chips and a sandwich at Palmisano's, and enjoy lunch from the deli. The food at Palmisano's is high-calorie, high-flavor, and highly-rated. At Palmisano's, there's no need to confine your meal to a traditional dining room — outdoor seating is available when the weather is warm. Palmisano's tosses the jacket-and-tie dress code convention in favor of a more casual dining experience. If you need to feed a big crowd, Palmisano's also offers catering services for parties and get-togethers. Drivers can access the parking lot next door. Palmisano's makes bikers feel at ease with the multiple storage racks outside. Want top-notch taste for less than top-dollar prices? Palmisano's's mid-range cuisine is sure to satisfy on both fronts, where pennies stretch into perfectly seasoned platters. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all on Palmisano's' menu — you can stop by whenever the moment's right for you.
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    13500 Long Green Pike
    Baldwin, MD US
  • Buon Gusto Pizzeria and Grill
    Your next meal awaits at Buon Gusto Pizzeria and Grill in Whiteford. Enjoy a low-fat or gluten-free meal at Buon Gusto Pizzeria and Grill, a local favorite. Your large group can all sit together at Buon Gusto Pizzeria and Grill. For some fresh air during the non-winter months, dine outside on Buon Gusto Pizzeria and Grill's patio. No need for a wardrobe change when you hit Buon Gusto Pizzeria and Grill — it's strictly casual. If time is of the essence, Buon Gusto Pizzeria and Grill's take-out option may be a better fit. At Buon Gusto Pizzeria and Grill, you can park your car in seconds with the nearby street and lot parking options. Delicious food is never hard to find, but it is hard to find at the right price. Buon Gusto Pizzeria and Grill is making it happen.
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    2424 Whiteford Rd
    Whiteford, MD US

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