Fort Collins doctors encourage their patients to get fit and healthy in a safe way. Those who are overweight can reduce their risk of certain health problems by losing as little as 10 pounds. With the number of Fort Collins fitness centers and gyms, residents will find that losing weight is easier than they thought.

Working with a personal trainer is one way that people in this Colorado town can change their lives. Miramont Lifestyle Fitness has some of the best personal trainers in the city. Though the gym resembles a large barn, it has a swimming pool, exercise equipment, and clean locker rooms. Some of the personal trainers might recommend that customers join some of the onsite classes, including yoga and Zumba.

Cardio workouts and other exercise routines are sometimes difficult for beginners, which is why some gyms in Fort Collins offer yoga and Pilates classes. Bikram Yoga's Old Town location is devoted solely to yoga and martial arts. Beginners can learn the basic movements and stretches associated with martial arts or yoga, and customers can work their way up to the more advanced classes. Yoga involves slow movements and stretches, which can increase flexibility, improve posture, and lead to weight loss.

When it comes to traditional exercise, few gyms in Fort Collins beat 24 Hour Fitness. This location is part of a large chain and has state-of-the-art equipment, multiple swimming pools, changing rooms, and an onsite daycare center for those with children. Members can attend classes offered by the gym, including spinning classes and cardio classes.

Fort Collins offers a number of ways for residents to improve their health and get in shape. Whether it's building a customized plan with a personal trainer, taking yoga classes, or hitting the gym in the middle of the night, Fort Collins fitness centers have it all.

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