Fort Collins, Colorado, combines the culture of a college town with its rich historical past to create a living environment with many different experiences. It offers so much that even natives and long-term residents find themselves needing a Fort Collins guide that lists new and interesting things to do in the city.

Fort Collins stands out for its natural attractions, and the Fossil Creek Reservoir Open Space includes hiking trails and unusual bird habitats that give it a place at the top of any nature lover's list of Fort Collins things to do. Coyotes, deer and prairie dogs sometimes make their appearance at this beautiful Western nature preserve.

For those whose idea of things to do in Fort Collins is culturally oriented, the three galleries of the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures make for a good way to spend a free day. Each of the galleries presents oft-changed exhibits of art from all over the world, and children can enjoy the miniatures exhibit at the Mundoville gallery of this charming museum.

Fort Collins deals are available at the shops in its well-preserved and well-maintained downtown shopping district, which is also home to Ace Gillett's Lounge, a tavern and lounge nearly 100 years old that preserves the decor and the dedication to service of years gone by. Other restaurants and watering holes that are worthy of mention in any guide to Fort Collins include Snooze, which offers traditional American breakfasts and lunches, and microbrewery restaurant Gravity Ten Twenty.

Indeed, Fort Collins is a city of beer, and New Belgium Brewing represents the latest incarnation of the city's brewing heritage. It offers beer tours that include sampling its different varieties of beer, all of which are brewed with an eye toward sustainability. The local brewery of American giant Anheuser-Busch also offers tours, and it gives a clear picture of how large volumes of beer are brewed today.

There is much to enjoy in Fort Collins, and a Fort Collins guide helps natives, seasoned residents and newcomers keep track of it all.

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