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  • Revolution - Elite Sport and Fitness
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_CA title: Revolution Elite Sport and Fitness facet_type_id: ac8b8330-5f41-1032-9d3f-fcda07d77b22 html_text: Muscular instructors help exercisers of all fitness levels slim silhouettes and chisel muscles with motivating boot camps, one on one personal training, and fat-evicting nutrition plans. During boot camps, a certified fitness coach draws on more than 15 years of experience to build up bodies with a series of high-intensity interval and metabolic resistance training. The encouraging trainer conducts a symphony of grunts as students strain to lift sandbags and tires within the indoor gym before hitting the fresh air to hurdle over motionless freeze-tag players and other outdoor obstacles. They’ll also compliment their rigorous workout regimes with nutrition guidance that equips students with grocery lists and recipes that ensure balanced meals.
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    121 W River St.
    Belle River, ON CA
  • Punch Kettlebell Gym
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_CA title: IronCore Kettlebell Club facet_type_id: 7fee9d30-5f41-1032-ad7e-9cebec6e9e15 html_text: At IronCore Kettlebell Club, owner and certified fitness trainer Rob Santarossa leads a team of instructors who lead group and private exercise regimens and nutritional coaching to help each client achieve a slim physique and healthier lifestyle. Rob’s dedication to fitness stems from his own early weight-loss struggles, an experience that allows him to coach with empathy and enact appropriate levels of motivation. About 12–15 students partake in semi-private classes, which stress weight-and-cardio combinations using diverse exercises, each scalable to fit individual needs. Kettlebells and other forms of resistance are added along the way to round out the focused 30-minute routines. To help maintain a healthy lifestyle, fitness seekers will also be equipped with a nutritional program, which helps lay out customized meal plans and charts nutritional progress.
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    303 W Pike Creek Rd
    Tecumseh, ON CA
  • Jazzercise Post-5/14/12 Canada
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_CA title: Jazzercise facet_type_id: ede7d7c0-5f41-1032-9fff-69d4cbf241bc html_text: |- Today, it's undeniable: Jazzercise is a worldwide empire, spanning more than 3,400+ locations and 32,000 weekly classes across the globe. It's also hip; gone are the leotards and legwarmers of the 1980s, replaced with a high-intensity blend of cardio, strength training, kickboxing and power yoga performed to hits by chart-toppers from Shakira to Pitbull. The class formats, which vary according to different toning goals, are just as diverse as the program's move set, with recent additions such as Fusion, Core, and Strike broadening the workouts' variety and application. Instructors cultivate a noncompetitive atmosphere where all exercisers—with the exception of those marked as cursed by jazz-hand palm readers—are welcome regardless of age, build, or fitness background. This sense of community keeps Jazzercise devotees coming back, but so too do the results; benefits ranging from weight loss and boosted core strength to increased flexibility and stress relief. Participants can expect to burn up to 800 calories in one pulse-pounding 60-minute class. Jazzercise's continued success can be traced to the innovation of its founder, Judi Sheppard Missett. While teaching jazz dance in the 1960s, she decided to step away from tradition by offering an experimental class that allowed her students to simply dance without the judgment of mirrors or the constraints of rigid technique. Little did she know that this “just for fun” class was the prototype for what would become the Jazzercise sensation.
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    12021 McNorton St.
    Tecumseh, ON CA
  • Real Detroit Muscle
    Though she looks nothing like Ghengis Khan, Jen Dunbar is building an empire. Its outposts are made of muscles resting on a foundation of knowledge, and it exists to promote an active lifestyle filled with motivation and self-confidence. As an exercise physiologist, Dunbar studies the latest kinesiology research every day, looking for evidence-based ways to melt fat and boost muscle mass. She also draws from years of lacrosse coaching and four personal-training certifications to help her clients to perform at their peak, whether they're running a marathon, slimming down for a wedding, or preparing for the national hopscotch championships. Filled with strength training, sprinting, and constant encouragement, her workouts challenge exercisers to push themselves, even if they've never done a pushup before. In addition to training athletes one-on-one, Dunbar leads small-group workouts and online boot camps packed with jumping drills, body-weight exercises, and weight-lifting challenges.
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    655 Cook Rd.
    Grosse Pointe Woods, MI US
  • Freedom Yoga Studio
    Most days of the week, Anne Hunt guides students through a unique mix of yoga poses at Freedom Yoga Studio. Her style of teaching consists of a custom, gentle sequencing that has playful elements intended to keep classes exciting. During private instruction, Anne bestows individual attention on students as they perfect difficult poses and glide from one stance to another. Guided-meditation sessions take place on the West Beach in Belle River, where the hushed whisper of the water aids in relaxation, unless you are trying to escape memories of a terrible water-balloon fight.
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    473 Notre Dame St.
    Belle River, Ontario CA
  • Living Waters Yoga
    For the yogis at Living Waters Yoga, the meditation and introspection that stretching through asanas demands is not only compatible but part and parcel with their search for a more meaningful spirituality. Whether leading contemplative, calming sessions, such as Rest & Restore, or physically demanding courses, such as Strength Journey or Summer Sculpt, the flock of certified Christian-yoga teachers infuse each downward dog or upward ascent with encouragement. Every session readies minds for physical exertion with readings from the Bible and relaxes patrons with inspirational music.
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    63 Kercheval Ave.
    Grosse Pointe, MI US

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