Dental Implants in Highland Park

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  • North Suburban Wellness
    While conventional medical practices can nullify the physical symptoms of a variety of ailments, they oftentimes overlook the interconnectivity of one's physical, mental, and spiritual states. With this in mind, North Suburban Wellness's staff takes an integrative approach to medicine—creating personalized treatments that aim to achieve optimal vitality and wellness by incorporating a number of health methodologies. With chiropractic and nutritional medicine, the doctor boosts metabolism levels and addresses discomfort caused by conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome as the massage therapist relaxes muscles tense from hours of trying to keep one's skeleton from running away. For mental relaxation, the yoga instructor, who has been practicing for nearly 30 years, helps patients tend to worries with calming, methodical movements. Clinical psychology and biofeedback, kinesiotherapy, and Chinese-medicine specialists also lend their talents to the medical team to truly care for patients both inside and out.
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    1732 1st St
    Highland Park, IL US
  • LensCrafters Optique
    Dr. Sergei Yuryk attacks plaque in a new, modern, eco-friendly office, treating both adults and children to the latest in enamel defense. The comprehensive exam ($82 value) throws a spotlight on gum disease and gingivitis before they can escape with their pearly tooth-loot. Willow Festival's digital x-rays ($121 value) emit less radiation than other x-rays while offering a close-up on any pesky cavities. Finish with a meticulous teeth cleaning ($86 value), buffing chompers to a radiant sheen. Throughout the process, Dr. Yuryk will attentively listen to any patient concerns and answer any questions, from "How many times a day should I floss?" to "Why can't my teeth cut through shoes like my Ginsu knives?" Patients can also learn about a variety of cosmetic dental options, including Invisalign adult braces with a complimentary consultation. Willow Festival Dental holds Saturday hours for those who only work weekends but still want to take time off to go to the dentist.
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    840 Willow Rd
    Northbrook, IL US
  • Ballis Steve DR
    At Lake Forest Dental, Ltd., experienced cosmetic dentist Dr. Steve Ballis turns teeth 7?10 shades brighter with Zoom! teeth-whitening treatments. Patients begin the roughly 90-minute session by reclining in leather chairs as their lips and gums receive a protective cover, leaving only the teeth and their sordid secrets exposed. Zoom! whitening gel then smothers mouth bones and works specifically with the Zoom! light to penetrate enamel and remove stains and discoloration. During the hour-long bleaching, clients may watch TV, attempt to interpret the Voynich manuscript, or listen to music.
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    1025 West Everett Road
    Lake Forest, IL US
  • Lakeshore Dental
    Comprehensive dental care in a small town atmosphere with specialists in Pediatric, General, and Cosmetic Dentistry.
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    630 Vernon Ave
    Glencoe, IL US
  • Orthodontics and General Dentistry at 723 Elm St.
    Dentist Dr. A. "Eddy" Raghian aims to make tooth care easy, so his office offers flexible payment plans, complimentary consultations, and a focus on dispelling anxiety. General, orthodontic, and surgical services are available, with patients of all ages visiting for expert care. Whether opting for a simple whitening, periodontal surgery session, or meeting with a translator who speaks tooth fairy, guests are lavished with friendly, thorough attention.
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    723 Elm St., Ste. 21
    Winnetka, IL US
  • Aristo Dental
    Licensed staff members at Aristo Dental target fine lines and wrinkles with muscle-relaxing Botox injections. With each tiny injection, the Botox concoction works to curtail movement in furrow-prone muscles to smooth crinkling eye areas, foreheads, and nasal lines better than rolling down the windows in a launching space shuttle. Results usually begin to take hold within one to two hours after treatment and achieve full effects within 30 days, leaving faces smoother and more youthful for up to four months. As the treatment requires no downtime, patients can return to working, socializing, and taunting shar pei puppies the same day.
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    1205 W Dundee Rd
    Wheeling, IL US