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  • Carolinas Eye Center
    Dr. Wesley D. Clement has been in the ophthalmology business for more than 35 years, but he's been focusing exclusively on laser-refractive surgeries since 2001. At Carolinas Eye Center and Med Spa, he puts this specialized expertise to good use, clearing up clients' blurry vision with LASIK and PRK procedures. His surgical tech sidekicks have assisted Dr. Clement in thousands of these corrective treatments, which have left just as many pairs of glasses heartbroken. In addition to its eye treatments, the clinic also offers beauty injections, laser skin rejuvenation, and laser tattoo removal.
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    230 E W T Harris Blvd.
    Charlotte, NC US
  • Carolina Eye Cataract & Laser
    Within the broad realm of ophthalmology, Dr. David Nelson specializes in dramatically improving his patients? vision with cataract, LASIK, PRK, and lens-implant surgeries. Dr. Nelson, who works alongside Dr. Nima Mazhari at Carolina Eye Cataract & Laser, divides his time between treating patients at the practice he founded and sharing his expertise. His work has been published in ophthalmology journals and he has lectured at national conferences. Recognized as a top ophthalmologist by the International Assocation of Healthcare Professionals, Dr. Nelson aims to correct conditions such as astigmatic corneas or myopic vision with anything from laser eye surgeries to corrective-lens prescriptions. He identifies these problems using a Pentacam diagnostic tool, which gives a three-dimensional view of an eye from 25 angles.
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    410 S Herlong Ave
    Rock Hill, SC US
  • Carolina Optometric Eye Center
    Helmed by Doctor of Chiropractic Damian Scelfo, Carolina Spinal Care & Laser Therapy Center reduces client circumferences with spot-targeted fat reduction and body-vibration therapy. A non-invasive system, the Lapex 2000 BCS LipoLaser sneakily penetrates skin without breaking the surface, startling adipose cells into dropping their water stores, fatty acids, glycerol, and juggling pins. Once free of baggage, fat cells shrivel into unfat cells, visibly shrinking chosen areas in time. After the 45-minute treatment, newly narrowing forms shake and shimmy to the circulation-boosting tremors of a Wave vibration machine, strengthening previously concealed contours and relieving pockets of spare change. Sessions conclude with a relaxing 10-minute hydro-massage on an AquaMed Bed, with muscle-kneading jets of warm water soothing away tension while clients remain completely dry and fully costumed. Although many patients see results after one Lapex LaserLipo session, the number of treatments required for optimal outcomes varies from person to person.
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    12201 Highway 150
    Winston Salem, NC US
  • Hillcrest Vision OD PA
    Hillcrest Vision clears up blurry text and sharpens muddled movie screens with personalized eyecare services and some of the most advanced contact lenses and glasses available. After discussing their needs and current prescriptions with optometrist Dr. Juawana Hall, patients can select disposable contact lenses for daily, weekly, or monthly wear ($30+/box). Pairs of bifocal lenses afford the flexibility to watch security demonstrations from the front or the back of an airplane, and toric lenses help to correct astigmatism ($45+/box). Hillcrest Vision offers durable gas-permeable lenses and comfortable silicone-hydrogen lenses, and Dr. Hall can also fit eligible patients with patented SynergEyes hybrid lenses, which combine hard and soft lens technology with the eagle-eyed sight of a griffin ($180+/eye).
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    2341 Winterhaven Ln
    Winston Salem, NC US
  • Summit Eye Care, Pa
    Dr. Vic Khemsara and his team of medicos lessen the corporeal signs of passing time with FDA-approved Botox injections. Although habitually rubbing one's face with a rolling pin may temporarily smooth wrinkles on the forehead, crow's feet, or frown lines, Botox's ability to prevent excessive facial-muscle flexing can keep epidermises level for three to six months. The treatment takes between 15?30 minutes, and may cause some mild discomfort. Unlike invasive surgical treatments or painting a picture of Sophia Loren?s face on top of your own, the injections require little to no downtime. Call ahead to schedule an appointment.
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    1714 South Hawthorne Road
    Winston Salem, NC US
  • Woolfson Eye Institute
    Woolfson Eye Institute’s founder and medical director Dr. Jonathan Woolfson is a board-certified ophthalmic surgeon who has performed more than 70,000 laser vision-correction procedures. Such clinical experience has helped him earn the trust of other medical professionals; he has performed more than 300 surgeries on his fellow eye doctors and trained and certified more than 100 North American LASIK surgeons. He has also fine-tuned the eyesight of professional athletes, including Ovie Mughelli, Curtis Lofton, and Kroy Biermann of the Atlanta Falcons. Dr. Woolfson draws upon this extensive experience each time he customizes a laser procedure to his patients’ needs. He and his staff of doctors begin every treatment with in-depth consultations, where they determine the lasers, instruments, and novelty sound effects needed to successfully enhance eyesight. Once they’ve completed their procedures, they also offer eligible patients a Lifetime Assurance Plan, granting them free lifetime access to any fine-tuning surgeries.
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    1818 Hampton Street
    Columbia, SC US

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