Restaurants in Charlotte

As the biggest city in North Carolina, Charlotte sprawls out for 15 miles in every direction from its busy city center, Uptown. That means that while Charlotte restaurants are concentrated in Uptown, you’ve got plenty of area to explore its exciting culinary scene. Maybe that means going on a tour of Charlotte barbecue joints in search of the best whole roast hog. Maybe it means looking for the best places to bring your kids. Or maybe it just means looking for the best brunch in Charlotte for a lazy Sunday morning. Whatever your fancy, Charlotte restaurants have what you’re looking for.

Best Brunch in Charlotte

Cafe Monte | 6700 Fairview Rd.


Cafe Monte has been bringing the effortless elegance of French cuisine to the South since 2007. From dinners of fondue and duck confit to bowls of mussels and beef bourguignon. But where Cafe Monte really shines is at brunch. In fact, OpenTable named it one of the top 100 brunches in America five years in a row. Customers can start with a round of beignets or dive right into the crêpes which can be made sweet with nutella or berry compote or savory, stuffed with lobster, ham, or cheese. Craving something heartier? Don’t worry—you can still order more robust fare such as trout amandine and steak au poivre with eggs. More than 4,000 happy customers have left Cafe Monte with a perfect 5-star rating so if you won’t take our word for it, maybe you’ll take theirs.


Real reviews from real customers:


“I love Café Monte . . . I especially like going for brunch and having the Florentine Omelet with a side of Bacon which are both generous portions and can easily be shared. The house made preserves/jelly they serve is very special! Excellent!” – Kimberly B.


“This is my favorite restaurant in Charlotte. The atmosphere’s casual with jazz or French singers, but the food is fine cuisine.“ – Celeste B.

“Delicious food, especially the Crepes. Wonderful service too!” – Margaret H.

Best Beer Hall in Charlotte

VBGB Beer Hall and Garden | 920 Hamilton St.


Since Charlotte is blessed with having patio weather nearly year round, it only makes sense that it’d be home to VBGB Beer Hall and Garden, which boasts the largest patio in the city. That means you can grab a pint and enjoy that sweet North Carolina air whenever the mood strikes you. VBGB has more than 30 beers on draft, about half of which are local North Carolina brews. It’s not just a bar, though, or a beautiful outdoor hangout space; they serve tasty and filling food as well. They’ve got brats, burgers, hot sandwiches, and a delicious and goofy take on nachos: tatchos. Tatchos have all the best nacho toppings from sour cream to jalapeños, but the tortilla chips are swapped out for toasty tater tots.

Best Date Night Restaurant in Charlotte

Haberdish | 3106 N. Davidson St.

Something of a newcomer to Charlotte’s restaurant scene, Haberdish opened in 2016 just north of Uptown and it’s been a hot spot ever since. Specializing in modernized takes on classic Southern dishes, Haberdish celebrates the food and history that makes North Carolina something special. You’ll find smoked and fried chicken on the menu along with hushpuppies, deviled eggs, and bread pudding. But this isn’t your grandma’s hole-in-the-wall homecooking joint. Haberdish also excels at craft cocktails. Sippers can include anything from saffron-infused honey and sweet basil bitters to Szechuan flowers.

Best Steakhouse in Charlotte

Dressler’s | Multiple Locations

The philosophy at Dressler’s is to treat every customer like a friend, but we’re pretty sure even your best friends don’t make you steak like this. The menu is full of all the classics from filet mignon and rack of lamb to crab cakes. But what might surprise you is just how inviting the atmosphere really is, and that’s due at least in part to the family feel imparted by restaurateurs Jon and Kim Dressler. They want every trip to their restaurants to feel more like coming home than going out. They even get a little of their own family in on the act with their signature dessert: Mom's New York Cheesecake. It’s handcrafted with care by Jon’s mom, Joan, and its trademark blend of cream cheese and sour cream is as light and fluffy as an especially delicious cloud.

Best Barbecue in Charlotte

Bill Spoon’s Barbecue | 5524 South Blvd.

From the age of 9, Steve Spoon has been working at Bill Spoon’s Barbecue just so he could spend some extra time with his grandfather, the eponymous Bill Spoon. Years later, he turned that summer job cleaning tables into a full-time passion, running the family business. Today, cooks still slow-roast whole pigs over hickory, serving it up with the house signature vinegar-based barbecue sauce. In fact, Bill’s is one of the few spots in Eastern Carolina to offer that particular regional specialty, which alone makes it well worth the trip. But while pork is the all-star, don’t forget the sides, particularly the hushpuppies, or dessert, like the housemade banana pudding.