Charlotte fitness is more than stationary bikes and spinning classes: There are many options when working toward health and wellness. Charlotte fitness and health providers offer a broad range of unique services that will support weight loss goals and enhance health.

The Charlotte Athletic Club (CAC) located on South Tryon Street is modern and upscale, with steel beams and marble throughout, exemplifying a marriage between innovation and luxury. CAC boasts laundry service with 24-hour turnaround, sauna and steam rooms, metabolic and body-fat testing, massage therapy, and an indoor golf simulator. On-site nutritionists provide a “grocery store tour” to help members make wise food choices toward weight loss goals.

Ultimate Gym on East 35th Street offers boxing, bodybuilding, and martial arts classes, including judo and jujitsu, tae kwon do, Kyokushin karate, muay thai, and “street survival.” A boxing ring takes center stage, lending a gritty edge to the gym. Ultimate Gym strives to foster body, mind, and spirit growth and development.

Kamati Massage and Yoga on East Boulevard has a very different approach to fitness; visitors to this bohemian spa are treated to softly lit rooms, glossy parquet flooring, wide doorways, and high ceilings, lending an airy feel to the space. Private yoga instruction is offered, with a focus on restorative yoga and Thai massage. Herbal compresses are featured, promising mood and medicinal benefits.

Across town at The Spa at Ballantyne, indoor and outdoor pools are utilized in fitness classes with water workouts and “liquid tai chi.” Trainers focus on core conditioning amidst an opulent setting and full-service day spa.

With so many Charlotte fitness facilities available, it may prove challenging deciding which one to choose. Before beginning any fitness regimen, those making this lifestyle change should consult with their own Charlotte doctors. It’s good to visit each gym, to find the correlation between personal health preferences and what each facility has to offer.

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