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  • Market Grill
    Market Grill in Miami Beach is a restaurant that features a delicious menu. The great quality, set in a nice atmosphere, will make you a regular. In addition to its convenient take-out offerings, the restaurant even provides catering for events around town. All things considered, Market Grill is a solid choice when you're in the mood for Latin cuisine, and want to branch out from the boring ol' Mexican fare.
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    1539 Alton Rd
    Miami Beach, FL US
  • Gaucho Ranch
    These days, it's hard to know what exactly you're eating when your eating beef—even if you cooked it yourself. The modern meat industry pumps their cattle full of antibiotics and hormones that make the meat seem more appealing while being worse for your health. Besides that, they don't feed the cows their natural diet of grass and clover, opting for cheaper corn and grain instead without even letting them use ketchup. Gaucho Ranch aims to change all that. Drawing on the old gaucho tradition of South America, they import their beef from a family farm in Uruguay, where it is guaranteed to be raised entirely naturally and fed exactly what it wants to eat. The result are beautiful cuts of beef that are lower in cholesterol and fat, higher in Omega 3s and Vitamin E, and delicious on top of everything else.
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    7251 NE 2nd Ave. Suite 113
    Miami, FL US
  • Global Liquors
    Global Liquors stocks waiting wet bars and larders with a spectrum of spirits and gourmet noshes. A specialty cellar keeps an array of international wines at their ideal temperature, ensuring that the 2008 Tabali Reserve chardonnay ($17.99) and peppery Argentinean Navarro Correas Alegoria malbec ($19.50) age gracefully and don't catch colds. Invest in a sleek black bottle of Ty Ku sake ($17.99), or craft sophisticated cocktails out of spirits such as Tito's Handmade Vodka ($19.99). A feast of refined spreads and snacks awaits its perfect cocktail pairing in a delicatessen featuring notable noshes including Woolrich Dairy's triple-cr?me goat brie ($6.89) and the smoky lemon zing of Icelandic Stromluga herring caviar ($4.99). Global Liquors hosts weekly tastings during which patrons may wander amid wooden shelves teeming with bottles as they sip spirits, taste new noshes, and play Pin the Cork on the Bottle.
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    2947 Coral Way
    Coral Gables, FL US
  • Farm Stores
    Founded in 1935 as a high-end dairy manufacturer, Farm Stores accommodates time-efficient shoppers with its unique drive-through grocery-ordering system. Pull up a car or rocket-powered shopping cart at one of the 22 locations and inform a friendly staff member of grocery needs, then relax as he quickly retrieves it from the thousands of items in inventory. Model a loving marriage after the unending circles of bagels, or perk up mornings with coffee that's freshly ground by the heel of a giraffe. Though each location's stock is slightly different, all shops carry standard items such as eggs, milk, bread, fruit, magic beans, vegetables, and beer. Although online ordering is not available for this Groupon, regular customers enjoy the benefit of choosing items from Farm Stores? website and designating a pickup time.
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    15000 SW 56th St
    Miami, FL US
  • Miami Smokers
    The secret behind Miami Smokers' addictive bacon isn't a secret ingredient or additive. Instead, it is just the hard work of making bacon the old-fashioned way. To start, the chefs source their heritage-breed pigs from a collective of famers who eschew the use of antibiotics and hormones while allowing their pigs to graze on wholesome foods in pastures. Once the chefs have their prime cuts, they use natural curing and smoking methods that use only salt, smoke, and a fine-tuned control over the temperature and humidity. This process brings out the natural savory flavors of their slab and sliced bacon, which chefs sell by the pound. But for more inventive food, they also use this bacon in products such as their bacon jerky, candied bacon made with Floridian evaporated cane sugar, and Toasted Krispy treats with bacon.
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    306 NW 27th Ave.
    Miami, FL US
  • Mao Fast Food
    Just because you're rushing doesn't mean you have to miss out on a delicious meal — Miami's Mao Fast Food will fill you up in a hurry. Tots are more than welcome to dine with their parents at Mao Fast Food. Dine under the sun (or stars) at Mao Fast Food with their charming outdoor seating. Access the internet free of charge via Mao Fast Food's complimentary wifi. Those with sensitive ears may want to stay away from this restaurant, though, as it can get quite loud. Keep it casual at Mao Fast Food — the restaurant is laid-back and patrons dress accordingly. Or, take your food to-go. For easy dining, Mao Fast Food provides convenient parking in a connecting lot. The grub at Mao Fast Food is also a downright bargain — most people can chow down for less than $15.
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    8438 Bird Rd
    Miami, FL US

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