Massage in and near Niagara Falls, ON

Where do you go when you need a great massage in Niagara Falls? While most people come to this tourist town to enjoy the views of the Falls and try their luck in its casinos, when it comes to massage, Niagara Falls has visitors covered too, with plenty of high-quality spas and independent massage studios peppering both sides of the border. On this page, you’ll find some of our picks for the best massage in Niagara Falls, making it easy for you to book a relaxing treatment and make the most of your vacation there.

Best Swedish Massage in Niagara Falls

Notaro Chiropractic


If you’re new to massage, Swedish is a great style to try since it focuses on relaxation rather correcting chronic pain. Of course, if you do need more intensive treatment, the team at Notaro Chiropractic will be able to recommend a course of treatment that’s totally tailored to you, as they boast massage therapists, nutritionists, and chiropractors on staff. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about their experience here:


Krissy gave me the best massage I have ever had! Very relaxing and therapeutic! I will not go to anyone else ever again! Extremely professional, worth every penny!!!! — Joseph W.


Massages are so relaxing and therapeutic. Cheryl is excellent. The staff makes you feel welcome and comfortable. Gladly give them a 5 star rating. Rozanne M.

One of the best massages I've had. The staff was super nice on the phone and in person, the office was clean, and the therapist was really great. I would definitely recommend Notaro. – Amy S.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

The main focus of Swedish massage is relaxation, but that doesn’t mean the massage style doesn’t deliver some amazing health benefits. Here are some of the potential benefits you can expect from a Swedish massage:

  • Better circulation. Swedish massage helps to encourage better blood flow throughout the body, ensuring cells get the oxygen they need for optimal function.
  • Tension relief. While Swedish massage is generally not intense enough to correct chronic pain, it can help relieve the type of tension that comes from typical everyday tasks, such as sitting too long in front of a computer.
  • Stress relief. Regular Swedish massage may help to relieve mental, as well as physical stress, which is good for your overall health.

Best Therapeutic Massage in Niagara Falls

Heavenly Hands Therapeutic Massage

Any massage could rightly be said to be “therapeutic,” but the therapists at Heavenly Hands take the term very seriously. They begin every single treatment with a postural analysis that can help identify the root cause of the client’s pain, and also spend time teaching their clients stretching techniques they can use at home to help restore range of motion and help prevent problems from returning again and again. Owner Julia is skilled in a wide range of massage styles, including sports and deep-tissue massage, so she’s easily able to blend techniques as needed to meet each client’s unique needs, meaning no two massages delivered here are ever quite the same.

Massage Etiquette 101: What to Know Before Your First Massage

Knowing what to expect before your first massage will help you relax and fully enjoy the treatment. Here are answers to a few common questions:

  • How much should I tip? 15–20% of the full massage price is considered standard
  • Do I have to get naked? No. You may disrobe to your preferred comfort level. Some clients prefer to be fully nude, while others leave underwear on.
  • Do I have to make small talk? Nope. It’s fine to remain quiet during your massage. But do be sure to give your therapist feedback if they’re applying too much or too little pressure so they can adjust.
  • Should I shower beforehand? Showering the same day of your massage is preferable, but it doesn’t have to be immediately before the service. Clean skin is better able to absorb the massage oils and lotions used during the treatment.  

Best Hot Stone Massage in Niagara Falls

Buffalo Holistic Center

Hot stones are luxurious enough, but they’re not the only soothing extras that await clients at Buffalo Holistic Center. Here, clients can begin and end their session by relaxing in a comfy lounge where they can enjoy complimentary tea, coffee, or water by a roaring fire. And once the actual massage begins, heated massage tables and heated blankets ensure clients are as comfortable as possible at every possible moment. As for the treatment itself, we’ll let our customers do the talking—here’s what they had to say about their experiences at Buffalo Holistic Center:

  • This was my first massage and I am so happy I went. Great atmosphere, you will feel comfortable right when you walk in the door. Katrina was awesome! – Mary C.
  • The atmosphere was wonderful, the staff were all so friendly, warm and inviting. Kunji helped work out muscle tension in my back, and made me relax so much. I loved this place so much that I bought another Groupon so I could come back. I found my new spa! – Lindsay S.
  • What an incredible experience! This was the best massage l have ever received. The center was very warm and inviting. I felt comfortable there right away. Katrina reviewed my issues and addressed them during our session. – Michele S.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Once you’ve started enjoying the benefits of Swedish massage, you might feel ready to progress to a more specialized style. One common type you’ll likely encounter is sports massage, a type of treatment aimed at active folks who might need a little extra help preparing for or recovering from an event. Here are some of the benefits a sports massage can offer:

  • Shorter recovery time between workouts
  • Improved athletic performance
  • May help to prevent injury (by keeping muscles loose)
  • Quicker recovery from any injuries that do occur