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  • Mayan Moon Healing
    Ixchel Muhlberger has at least two ways to treat each patient who walks into Mayan Moon Healing. First, the licensed massage therapist can use soothing massage strokes to increase circulation and ease muscle tension, not to mention relieve pain and even improve athletic performance. But for problems that massage can't help, she can call upon her background in Oriental medicine to provide acupuncture treatments, which improve energy flow and help promote the body's self-healing properties. Taking these two talents together, she can customize her treatments to address a wide range of problems, from anxiety and depression to chronic pain, migraines, and sleep disturbances. Though her massages and acupuncture treatments can help clients deal with all these issues, Ixchel specializes in orthopedic injuries, women's health, and pain management.
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    1780 Maple, Suite 30
    Northfield, IL US
  • North Shore Yoga
    Instructors at North Shore Yoga and therapists at Integrated Healing Center promote holistic well-being with a one-two punch of movement-based classes and salutary bodywork sessions. Owner Sharyn Galindo honed her yogic talents over 10 years of dedicated practice, including occasional sojourns to Mysore, India and Thailand where she studied Ashtanga techniques while accumulating enough frequent-flyer miles to vacation on Jupiter. Under her tutelage, North Shore Yoga instructors emphasize Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga styles, helping students deepen stretches by heating rooms up to 84 degrees for the majority of sessions. To augment a lifestyle of physical wellness, Integrated Health Center's therapists dole out healing bodywork and alternative treatments, including acupuncture and massage sessions that can help address clients' individual needs by incorporating aromatherapy or organic, herb-infused oils.
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    310 Happ Rd.
    Northfield, IL US
  • Kindred Hospital
    Unfortunately, WebMD is not as accurate as you would like to believe. Come to Kindred Hospital in Northlake for a real diagnosis rather than relying on the Internet. Seeking medical care? Medical treatments and services offered at this facility include physicals and medical checkups. For quality care and treatment you can depend on, be sure to choose Kindred Hospital.
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    365 E North Ave
    Northlake, IL US
  • Gilla Prizant Davis
    Keep your body and health in check with a visit to Gilla Prizant Davis in Northfield. Gilla Prizant Davis understands that accidents happen and that's why they offer a wide range of medical treatments, including medical checkups. Gilla Prizant Davis is available when you need medical care, so don't hesitate to schedule an appointment.
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    310 Happ Rd
    Northfield, IL US

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