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  • Neighbors Pizza
    Whether you are looking for a slice of pizza or a whole pizza pie, Olivehurst's Neighbors Pizza offers a wide variety of pizza types and sizes. Neighbors Pizza is creating great gluten-free versions of its best dishes. Sunny day plus appetite equals the perfect time to head to Neighbors Pizza. Gather up your group of friends and head to Neighbors Pizza, a local restaurant that has room for large groups. Neighbors Pizza also offers delivery and take-out options for those who want to make it a night in. Neighbors Pizza is located near a parking lot, which many diners take advantage of. The dream is to eat an amazing meal for under $15, and at Neighbors Pizza, they are making dreams come true.
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    1957 McGowan Pkwy
    Olivehurst, CA US
  • Rocklin CrossFit
    Following the CrossFit ethos, Rocklin CrossFit designs high-intensity workouts that build strong, resilient bodies. Depending on their fitness level, participants may begin the muscle-manufacturing process with exercises that use only their body weight, such as squats, pushups, and tonguestands. As tone and technique improve, trainers tack on tonnage with the sonorous bells, dumb, and kettle bars, as well as plyometric boxes and medicine balls. Cardio blasters such as rowing, running, and rope jumping are also indigenous to workouts.
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    424 D Street
    Marysville, CA US
  • Yuba City CrossFit
    Inside Yuba City CrossFit's 4,800-square-foot fitness facility, a dedicated team of coaches stands arms akimbo before a stockpile of barbells, platforms, and gymnastics rings. Though such a scene may seem intimidating, the staff enthusiastically welcomes senior citizens, children, and adults of all fitness levels, provided all are prepared to work hard. Each day, they lead a workout regimen that employs basic human movements?think pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, and jumping?to breed a high degree of general fitness. And their Workouts of the Day (WOD) are never the same. For example, they might include gymnastics exercises and power lifting one day, and rowing and push-ups the next, preventing muscles from getting bored and throwing temper tantrums in front of everyone.
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    3060 Industrial Drive
    Yuba City, CA US

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