Some things in this world are a natural match, and dads and golf are at the top of that list. Many dads consider the golf course their sanctuary: a place where they can unwind, forget about their jobs, and, just maybe, escape their crazy family for a couple hours. Most of the year, it’s easy for dads to keep these two worlds separate. When Father’s Day rolls around though, your dad might be caught in a pickle: golf is one of the top Father’s Day activities, but his relatives aren’t as gung-ho about the sport as he is. Does he spend the day out on the course, or does he spend it with his kooky yet loving family? Thankfully, there’s a simple solution: combine golf and family time into one awesome experience. Don’t think that’s possible? Here’s how. Pick a Course that Has Something for Everyone Aside from what to make Dad for breakfast, picking a course is the most important decision of the day—especially if young kids are involved. Fortunately, most golf courses feature more than just the course itself, so it shouldn’t be too hard for little ones to have fun while Dad plays his round. The ideal course for a family outing should have: Mini Golf: With its colorful balls, curvy putting greens, and spinning obstacles, mini golf provides the perfect distraction for kids during the early part of the day. As Dad swings his way to a great score on the full course, the rest of the family can putt around the mini course and pet any friendly golf carts that wander their way. Practice Areas: A driving range is a great activity for the family that just wants to smack some balls without keeping score. Just about every course has one, as well as other practice areas you can goof around on, such as replica putting greens. You can even make it a game—more on that below. Turn it into a Family Competition Families with kids who are a little older—or fully grown—can join Dad on the course and turn the day into one big competition for bragging rights or even prizes. You can play straight through the round, but hey, it’s a holiday, so why not spice things up a little bit? Here are a few ideas for games you can play as a family: Most Memorable Shot: Keep track of the day’s coolest shots and give a prize to that person when the round is over. The best part about this game is naming the shots, such as “The one that hit the tree” or “The one that unexpectedly morphed into a dove and flew away.” Alternating shots: Team up! For this game, teams of two will rotate taking shots; that is, if Player A tees off, Player B must take the next shot and so on. Best ball: This is another popular team game. During it, everyone plays their own balls as they normally would, but at the end of every hole, only the best team member’s score counts for the team. Tip: put a rule in place stating every player’s score must be used a certain number of times to keep things fair. Cap Off the Day the Right Way The final putt has been sunk and scores have been etched into the family crest, which means it’s time to kick back and enjoy the rest of the day—or not. Depending on your family, another activity might be in store, such as bowling or paintball. Chances are, though, everyone will be ready to chill, so here’s what you should do next: Have a picnic: Most courses have outdoor seating, and if yours doesn’t, check if it’s okay to set up camp somewhere on the property. From there, you can sprawl, snack, and steal Dad’s heart some more by giving him his cards and gifts. Sip cocktails in the clubhouse: It’s tradition. Even if your family has young kids, leave some extra time to enjoy a much-deserved drink in the clubhouse, where you can also order food and cool off for a bit. Relax away from the course: Go get some ice cream, catch a movie, stop by a local brewery, or head home and do what Dad has been thinking about since breakfast—take a nap.
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