Restaurants in Portland

When you think of the top Portland, Maine, restaurants, you probably think of seafood places. And it IS really hard to go wrong when you order seafood in Portland. (Even a mediocre lobster roll is going to be made with the freshest lobster.) But you might miss out on some of the best restaurants in Portland, Maine, if you only stick to the seafood spots. To help you expand your restaurant repertoire, we put together a list of the best restaurants in Portland, including both seafood and non-seafood eateries.

Best Middle Eastern Food in Portland

Ameera Bread


Blink and you’ll miss Ameera Bread, and it will be a sad day for you. The storefront is set back a ways from the sidewalk, making it particularly hard to find if you’re driving by. When you do find it though, it will all be worth it. Ameera specializes in bread sammoon bread made in a tandoor—the same way it was made thousands of years ago. It also serves up hummus drizzled with olive oil (a customer favorite), falafel, kebabs, and sandwiches stuffed with lamb shawarma.

Best Pizza in Portland


Pizza with ricotta and basil. (Ok, seems fairly standard.) Pizza with butternut squash, cranberry, and ricotta (a little different, but makes sense). Pizza with bacon, scallions, and MASHED POTATOES? It sounds crazy, but The Masher is one of the most popular pies at Otto’s and perhaps in all of Maine.


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Best Traditional Lobster Roll in Portland

Bite Into Maine

In Maine, a casual atmosphere is directly proportional to the taste and quality of a lobster roll. Naturally, Bite Into Maine, a food truck that operates near the Portland Headlight has what many consider to be the best classic lobster roll in all of Maine, and maybe all of New England. It comes on a freshly baked roll and contains 4.5 ounces of fresh, locally sourced lobster served lightly dressed with mayo and chives. Bite Into Maine also has a 12-seat takeout location in Scarborough and a 1977 Airstream that parks outside of Allagash Brewing Co.

Best Unconventional Lobster Roll in Portland

Eventide Oyster Co.

Lobster-roll purists might turn up their noses at Eventide’s version of a lobster roll—served on a Chinese-style steamed bun with a brown-butter sauce—but they’re mistaken. While it’s definitely different than a classic roll, it’s combination of sweet lobster meat and nutty butter sauce is not to be missed. The only downside is that it’s a little on the small side. Prepare to order some fresh oysters to accompany it.


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Best Japanese Food in Portland


Naturally, this Japanese hot spot utilizes some of the freshest local seafood. But it also relies on seasonal local produce and heritage-breed animals raised on owner Masa Miyake's farm. Do yourself a favor and get the chef’s tasting menu paired with sake. The sake is selected by the in-house sake sommelier and lets diners explore different variations of the Japanese rice wine.

Best Hibachi in Portland

Aki Japanese Cuisine

Aki Japanese Cuisine specializes in hibachi lunches and dinners and fresh sushi prepared using local ingredients. Here’s what some of our customers are saying about it:


  • To die for, so many choices....going back?! Absolutely! – Tina K.
  • Great food and atmosphere for our 9 person party. – Stanley L.
  • The hibachi is the best – Sean B.

Fresh and delicious as usual  – Vanessa M.


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