In a city that is constantly on the go, Portland is a haven for the active – especially for those that want to keep their bodies in top condition. Portland fitness activities cover a wide range of goals, from toning muscles to weight loss.

For a 24/7 gym, there’s 24 Hour Fitness in the Pearl district. The prices are a good value, with standard and sturdy equipment. The gym has a musty ambiance and offers an old-school way of working out. For someone looking beyond the traditional experience, barre3 extols a fitness movement “where ballet barre meets yoga and pilates.”

Workout options are as diverse as Portland’s population. The Circuit Bouldering Gym is boulder climbing and nothing else, but for those who climb boulders, this place is perfection in its singleness. Recreate Fitness is all business, with its mirror-free space and no-nonsense trainers who challenge even the fittest who enter. Green Microgym gets its power from the people who exercise there, creating a synergistic relationship between athlete and gym. CrossFit Portland takes a team approach to motivating and encouraging its members, who come back for the workouts and the community.

Although Portlanders are a relatively healthy people, in addition to traditional medical weight loss advice, Portland doctors can offer mainstream and alternative medical guidance. Preventative healthcare is a big focus in Portland, and this attitude is exemplified by the number of alternative health clinics there are in the area. Bambú Clinic, which is a center for naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine, is one of the more well-known and respected establishments, focusing on achieving optimal health. There are over a dozen naturopathic clinics in Portland, including Nature Cures Clinic and the Red Leaf Natural Health Clinic downtown and Northwest Naturopathic Clinic. All employing Chinese medicine and naturopathy, their preventive medicine eschews Western medicine’s styles of treatment. Health and fitness are serious pursuits in Portland, and the choices don’t disappoint.

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