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  • A&W Restaurant
    Hankering for a side of fries? Try the grub at A&W Restaurant, a tasty restaurant serving American-style fare. Pull into one of the many parking spaces nearby if you choose to drive to the restaurant. Stop putting off the best meal of your year and come into A&W Restaurant's restaurant for some good old American favorites!
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    1255 East Dubois Avenue
    DuBois, PA US
  • Corner Market & Deli
    Corner Market and Deli in Kersey has high-quality, fresh food at an affordable price, making it a popular grocery store for locals and visitors. Bring out your Italian side in the kitchen and create a yummy pasta dish with some noodles from Corner Market and Deli. Tired of the same old recipes? Pick up some seasonings and spices from here and try out a brand new and creative recipe. Feeling hungry? Canned food from Corner Market and Deli makes for a quick and tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner option. Eating healthy isn't always easy, but with produce on hand like this it just got easier. The drinks available here are a great way to restore your body's natural balance, so start sipping. Not everyone has time for pancakes in the morning. Get going with a tasty box of cereal the whole family will enjoy. With a bottle of water in hand, it's easy to refresh and refuel. Grab a couple drinks from Corner Market and Deli and stay on the go all the time. Pick up super fresh fish (and a heck of a lot of nutrients) for your next meal. Skip the hassle of baking your own bread and pick up a freshly-baked loaf from Corner Market and Deli. A little here, a little there, you can never have enough vinegar and oil. Used in almost every recipe, these liquids will come in handy. Healthy eaters realize the importance of dairy in their diet. Make sure you're getting your fill of Vitamin D with dairy products from Corner Market and Deli. It's about time you said goodbye to cooking and said hello to the convenience of the frozen food offered here. When all you want to do is relax after a long day, cooking is the last thing on your mind. Eat a delicious meal in a matter of minutes with an easy-to-make TV dinner! When you're looking for a caffeine fix, Corner Market and Deli has the best coffee and tea to get you going. When you're in the mood to bake, remember to add a dash of extra sweetness. It will make your creations come alive like never before. From sliced deli meat to flavorful cheeses, Corner Market and Deli serves up a large variety of deli favorites. Whether you prefer your meat smoked, grilled or fried, you can find your preferred choice here. If you're planning out your weekly meals, you will appreciate the assortment of snacks at Corner Market and Deli. Corner Market and Deli is surrounded by endless parking options. When you're ready to try your next big recipe, keep Corner Market and Deli in mind for a tastier meal.
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    421 Main Street
    Kersey, PA US
  • Vito's Dairy Dell
    Vito's Dairy Dell serves up the most delicious freshly-baked bread in town. Head on over and pick up a loaf today. Picking up canned foods is terrific for when you want a quick meal, are participating in food drives, or need some last-minute eats to keep you from starving. You'll definitely want to browse the selection at Vito's Dairy Dell today! If you need a quick and easy meal solution for lunch or dinner, consider a tasty TV dinner from here. Enjoy a small, bite-sized snack from Vito's Dairy Dell and cure your hunger pains. At Vito's Dairy Dell, you can grab some fresh noodles, channel your inner chef and get your cook on. The frozen food here tastes so good, you'll forget it came from the microwave! When you get that craving for chocolate chip cookies, pick up the ingredients here. Stay refreshed no matter where you are! Water is available at Vito's Dairy Dell. The drinks available here are a great way to restore your body's natural balance, so start sipping. You'll love the selection of coffee and teas at Vito's Dairy Dell, decaffeinated options available, too! Packed with essential nutrients, be sure to try walk away with some delicious fish for dinner. Whether you are new to the world of cooking or consider yourself a home cook, you will love the selection of spices and seasonings that this store has to offer. You'll want to taste the exquisite meats available at this location. If you're curious about the various types of vinegar and oil the world has to offer, stop by here and discover a new blend. If you always seem to have one foot out the door, breakfast can be tricky. For a quick and easy solution, a box of cereal is right up your alley. The produce available here is a great side to any meal in need of some fresh nutrients. Healthy eaters realize the importance of dairy in their diet. Make sure you're getting your fill of Vitamin D with dairy products from Vito's Dairy Dell. Find parking easily in one of their many available spaces.
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    232 Parade Street
    Saint Marys, PA US
  • Denny's Beer Barrel Pub
    Munch on tasty pub grub at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub. Denny's Beer Barrel Pub welcomes all kinds of diets, so gluten-free, low-fat, and vegan diners will find many tasty options to choose from on the menu. This restaurant also operates a bar, so a round of drinks with dinner is not out of the question. With its kid-friendly vibe, this restaurant is a great spot for families to chow down. Denny's Beer Barrel Pub is known for its happy hour deals and steals. Your group can sit comfortably at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub, a local restaurant. Weeknights are busy for Denny's Beer Barrel Pub, so call ahead and make a reservation if you can. No need to dress up for a trip to Denny's Beer Barrel Pub — the casual restaurant encourages laid-back attire. Want to enjoy this restaurant without the wait? Get it to go. Can't get enough of Denny's Beer Barrel Pub's tasty dishes? They also offer a catering service for parties and events. Drivers will be happy to know that Denny's Beer Barrel Pub is located near many street and lot parking options. Denny's Beer Barrel Pub offers parking for all diners, including those who travel by bike. A mid-priced establishment, Denny's Beer Barrel Pub offers meals that typically cost about $30 or less. Major credit cards — including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express — are accepted. Whether you're in the mood for AM eggs, a midday salad, or an evening entree, Denny's Beer Barrel Pub provides service throughout the day. Denny's Beer Barrel Pub's menu is decked out with all your pub favorites, so you won't need to worry. There's definitely something for everyone!
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    1452 Woodland Road
    Clearfield, PA US
  • Luigi's Ristorante
    Luigi's Ristorante offers the finest Italian cuisine in town, plus it has a large variety of pasta dishes. Specializing in gluten-free and low-fat fare, Luigi's Ristorante has something that every stomach will enjoy. The drink list at this restaurant has everything you need to complete your meal (and your night out). This restaurant is kid-friendly, so little ones are welcome to tag along. Wireless Internet access is just a click away at Luigi's Ristorante. At Luigi's Ristorante, you can dine with your immediate family and your extended family due to the easy seating for large parties. Bask in the sun and enjoy a fresh meal outside at Luigi's Ristorante. Save your formal dress for another occasion — a nice top is the perfect fit for Luigi's Ristorante's business casual code. Catering services are also available. You can call it in, then carry it out. Whether you prefer street or lot parking, Luigi's Ristorante is located near both options. Store your bike safely at one of the main bike racks near Luigi's Ristorante. Take a break from the kitchen without breaking the bank! Luigi's Ristorante will fill you up with top-notch fare that s modestly priced. Luigi's Ristorante accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and all major credit cards. Stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner — Luigi's Ristorante serves up all three meals. Italy doesn't quite seem so far away when you try the delicious cuisine at Luigi's Ristorante.
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    32 North Brady Street
    DuBois, PA US
  • Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant
    Traditional Dutch eats and treats make the menu at Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant. Looking for low-fat, gluten-free meal options? Look no further than Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant. No need to splurge on a babysitter — tots will be right at home chowing down at this restaurant. Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant is a local restaurant that accommodates both large and small groups. Free wireless Internet is also available at Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant, so bring your tablet or laptop along. Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant tosses the jacket-and-tie dress code convention in favor of a more casual dining experience. No time to sit down? No worries! This restaurant offers a take out option so you can grab your food on the go. Parking is provided in a nearby lot, so diners can easily walk to and from their cars. For those who travel by bike, Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant offers bike racks for diners. Your bill at Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant will typically run less than $30 per person, so bring the whole gang! The 21st-century is here at Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant. Enjoy our emerging cashless society by paying with any major credit card! Three meals a day are served at Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant, so you can choose to start your day or end your evening here.
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    14680 Clearfield Shawville Highway
    Clearfield, PA US

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