Batting Cages in St. Catharines

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  • Grand Island Fun Center
    Grand Island Fun Center is an 18-hole mini-golf course, but it's also a go-kart track. It's a place to practice baseball and softball fundamentals, but it's also an arcade. Many of these activities could stand on their own, but Grand Island's sprawling facilities give visitors myriad playtime choices, from cooling off with water-balloon battles to hopping around a bounce house. Guests parched from lining up putts or trying to power go-karts by foot can refuel at Nutty Nellies, an on-site snack shop serving nachos, burgers, and drinks.
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    2660 Grand Island Blvd
    Grand Island, NY US
  • Adventure Village
    From bungee trampolines that launch people up to four stories in the air to fast-paced rounds of outdoor laser tag, kids get their first taste of adrenaline while exploring Adventure Village's three acres of family attractions. If the trampolines aren't enough, guests can slip into a harness and scale a 25-foot climbing wall. Kids can also have fun planted firmly on the ground. Baseballs buzz through the air in nine batting cages that serve up both softballs and baseballs at up to 90 miles per hour. Kids also carom off of one another in round bumper cars that give drivers the surreal thrill of piloting a giant hockey puck. A more laid-back form of recreation awaits at the miniature golf course, where guests navigate through tricky corridors lined with five waterfalls and six ponds. Perched atop a swinging wooden bridge, players can study the wooden ruins of two partially sunken ships that rise above the glassy waters or the fish swimming around the murky derelicts. The course also features trivia about South Ontarian history and geography, giving guests all the information they need to finally impress the ghostly teacher that haunts their dreams.
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    580 Van Wagners Beach Rd.
    Hamilton, ON CA
  • Summer365 Indoor Sports Centre
    The ProBatter Pitching Simulator?one of the crown jewels of Summer365 Indoor Sports Centre?can shoot at speeds of up to 100 m.p.h., but its functions extend way beyond those of the typical pitching machine. It simulates the nuances of real-life pitching scenarios, with 10 different pitch styles, and the capacity to imitate right-handed and left-handed pitchers, as well as pitchers that spit the ball out of their mouth. The cutting-edge simulator is just one of the amenities at the sports complex, designed to allow athletes who play summer sports to hone their skills year-round. The vast facility also houses thousands of square feet of turf for baseball fielding practice, soccer fields made from FIFA-rated turf, and multi-purpose fields useable for football, rugby, and more.
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    1140 Ringwell Dr.
    Newmarket, ON CA
  • Premier Sports Center of Western New York
    Premier Sports Center?s indoor sporting haven pairs up-and-coming sluggers with an ultramodern quintet of pristine automated batting cages. With each token, good for 18 pitches, batters can refine the ideal stance, spit, and swing against balls hurtling at a variety of speeds. Three of Premier?s cages allow players to populate their orb onslaught with baseballs, softballs, or disembodied doll heads. Batters are welcome to tote along their own bats and helmets, though an on-site arsenal of noggin-shields and ballpark batons can ably equip the unprepared for frenzied rounds of sphere smashing. Though not included in this Groupon, Premier Sports Center also rents out outdoor tennis courts and an indoor astroturf sports field and boasts an on-site caf? with free WiFi and outdoor seating.
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    701 Phillips Rd
    Webster, NY US
  • Milltown Mini Golf
    Established in 1985, Milltown Mini Golf sends visitors putting past fishponds, a working water wheel, and lush gardens. But because the facility sprawls across two acres of land, the family-oriented amusement park doesn't stop at mini golf. When you set down your club, you can pick up a bat in the batting cages; or a paintball gun at the target range; or even an authentic metal detector while hunting for treasures. You can also style your hair inside Milltown's hurricane wind tunnel, or take home a new friend after building a customized teddy bear.
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    933 Lansdowne St W
    Peterborough, ON CA