As the county seat of San Joaquin County, California, Stockton holds a lot of the area's historic information and artifacts. A resident's Stockton guide is thus infused with many activities and attractions focusing on the local history. The historical attractions combine with the local theater and amusements to create some very novel and educational ways to fill an idle day.

Among some of the interesting items found in Stockton is the Pixie Woods Amusement Park. Pixie Woods takes the fantastic stories of fairies and similar mythology to create an entire park full of amusing activities. Take a relaxing ride on the Pixie Queen Paddle Boat or historic carousel. The Pixie Express Train stops in Frontier Town for a look at Stockton during the Gold Rush era. There are also crafts, other rides and activities to occupy the entire family. The many activities offered at Pixie Woods makes it one of the best Stockton deals available.

The Haggin Museum is a little-known Stockton attraction that is full of art and history from the San Joaquin Valley area. Located in Victory Park, the museum contains art galleries and several exhibits that depict the area over the last several centuries. The fine art galleries also include some very well-known pieces from several world-famous artists and California's local talent. The museum is one of the things to do in Stockton that has been deemed the most "undersung" attraction in the entire state.

Lay back and get closer to the stars with a trip to the Clever Planetarium located on the San Joaquin Delta College Campus. In addition to tours and digital projections of the galaxy, the Clever Planetarium also offers public shows centered on astronomical events and the night sky over the San Joaquin Valley, and this intriguing attraction is included in every guide to Stockton activities.

Many people who have lived in the area for years forget that Stockton has many things to do. Some of these activities can educate the families on the area they live in. There's really no need to grab a Stockton guide to find activities. All one has to do is look around the neighborhood.

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