Teeth Cleaning in Waterford

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  • Dr. Marsack, D.D.S.
    Dr. Glen J. Marsack and his staff provide patients with personal, vigilant treatments to ensure long-lasting dental health. Spruce up your teeth for spring with a preliminary exam to check teeth and soft tissue for signs of decay, stain buildup, and crude-oil deposits. Full mouth x-rays reveal the innermost secrets of molars and jaws, allowing staff to check for hiding cavities and loose change before diving into the ivory scrub-down. The basic cleaning scrapes plaque and tartar from teeth, which are then polished and buffed, summoning enough chomper courage to face office-directory photo day. A consultation with Dr. Marsack gives teeth a final once-over and patients a chance to ask questions before being sent on their merry way, armed with a stunning smile and coveted dentist-office glow.
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    998 Crescent Lake Road
    Waterford Township, MI US
  • Right Dental Group Philadelphia
    With hundreds of participating locations across the country, Right Dental Group represents a collection of oral-health-care professionals that delivers a variety of dental services. The collective places an emphasis on relationship building—meaning patients can confess their most egregious toffee-apple trespasses while receiving a teeth scrubbing delivered with precision and understanding. Each of the dentists has the ability to efficiently locate a cavity in a tooth-stack. Since Right Dental Group encompasses a wide range of offices and dentists, customers can schedule appointments online for any dental service—from routine cleanings and x-rays, to restorative crowns, Invisalign treatments, or cosmetic Zoom whitening—at the neighborhood location they prefer.
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    6300 Sashabaw Road
    Clarkston, MI US
  • Summit Dental Group
    Summit Dental Group believes that fully-informed patients make the most responsible health decisions. So, it strives to keep its patients informed from before their appointments up through treatment and post-treatment results. Services include a variety of dentistry diagnoses and treatments including implants, crowns, whitening, and emergency treatment. During exams, the dentist will diagnose tooth and gum problems and counsel patients on techniques they can use every day to keep their teeth healthy including proper brushing, flossing, or snacking on soap bars.
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    2335 Pontiac Lake Rd.
    Waterford, MI US
  • Orthodontic Specialists
    Dr. Iacobelli wields a tremendous range of tools in his orthodontic practice, from subtle Invisalign inserts to two-phase braces ideal for developing jaws. Though it can be best to address the issue at a young age, a substantial number of patients are over the age of 21, and new technologies increase the effectiveness of late-stage intervention. Other treatments can address TMJ and other dental and jaw issues.
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    2900 Union Lake Road
    Commerce Township, MI US