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  • Chester County Chiropractic & Wellness
    Doctors John Woodward and Tiia Furniss share more in common than a doctorate in chiropractic medicine—each suffered debilitating conditions, such as back pain and headaches, as children. Both of them thought they'd find no relief, having gone through traditional treatments with no positive results. Then they were taken to chiropractors and received holistic care that treated the pain as well as the cause. It's what inspired them to go into the chiropractic field, and what keeps them inspired to help others today. At Chester County Chiropractic & Wellness, they have the benefit of the latest technology, making holistic care even more effective. High-tech equipment such as the DRX 9000 accomplishes non-surgical back relief helping bulging & herniated discs. Through spine decompression, which is performed by creating a suction force in discs, the treatment pulls water, oxygen, and nutrients in and rebuilds spines naturally. The treatments last a total of five weeks – two weeks of daily sessions and three weeks of two-to-three sessions. The precise process helps eliminate risk of additional injury. Laser therapy is also offered to reduce inflammation and improve nerve function.
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    4246 E STREET RD
    West Chester, PA US
  • Nardone Chiropractic Center
    The exterior of the office that houses Nardone Chiropractic Center is both charming and misleading. A white two-story former home disguises the center, so it isn't surprising that the inside is so warm and inviting—plants, framed art, and elegant hardwood floors populate its surfaces. But what one can't tell from the outside is that some of the latest in chiropractic equipment fills this building. For example, during spinal-decompression therapy, a certified clinician uses a physiotherapeutic device to alleviate stress on vertebrae and make the lower back feel better—like a child after being named to the board of directors of a candy company for her birthday. Doctor of Chiropractic Jason Nardone, an adjustment expert who has been treating people in the Chester County area for almost 10 years, teams up with a dedicated staff to render a host of these types of noninvasive treatments. In addition to spinal-decompression therapy, they render chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and Active Release Techniques muscle therapy. Dr. Nardone also performs chiropractic adjustments to correct spinal joints, increasing flexibility and relieving the surrounding muscles.
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    289 Lancaster Ave.
    Malvern, PA US
  • Trinity Chiropractic
    At Trinity Chiropractic, Dr. Joseph Gaglioti and his staff practice structural chiropractic care, which fosters wellness by returning the spine to its normal position. Using specific corrections and instruments, they work to realign the spine, helping to relieve secondary conditions associated with an out-of-whack back. Some examples of secondary conditions are pain and numbness, carpal tunnel syndrome, half-hearted shrugging, and posture problems. Also a health and wellness enthusiast, Dr. Gaglioti advises his patients on dietary and lifestyle changes they can make to ensure they enjoy a healthy, pain-free life.
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    100 Ridge Road suite 7, Chadds Ford, PA
    Chadds Ford, PA US
  • Targeted Body Systems
    Dr. Gregory Ellis of Targeted Body Systems, LLC holds a doctorate in physiology and harbors a passion for helping people strengthen and improve their bodies. Planting his philosophical flag in the belief that bodies can heal themselves, he relies on drug-free, natural therapies to steer his patients towards an oasis of wellness. To give clients a sense of what they're in for, the good doctor carries out telephonic house calls with free phone consultations. The body, he believes, can heal itself, and through a blend of homeopathic remedies and cutting-edge technologies—including laser pens that replace the needles of traditional acupuncture—he hopes to unlock that ability like a sleepwalking warden unlocks prisoners.
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    68 Skyline Drive
    Glen Mills, PA US
  • Advent Nutrition, LLC
    Terri H. Ritchie has seen firsthand the power of proper nutrition in nurturing a person's health. Throughout her career, she's worked as a research scientist at the Fitzgerald-Mercy Hospital Cancer Research program and in the fields of virology, immunology, and oncology. Since 1995, Ritchie calls upon that expertise to help clients live healthier lives through her private clinical-nutrition practice, Advent Nutrition. Relying on a functional, medical-based approach, she consults with clients to match their specific bodily needs to a nutrition plan that incorporates everything from pre-planned meals to nutriceuticals, ensuring bodies receive a balance of nutrients so they don't grow prehensile tails due to too much potassium.
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    780 Miles Rd.
    West Chester, PA US
  • Inner Light Wellness Acupuncture
    Licensed acupuncturist Ms. Margaret Celli has always believed in her methodology, but it wasn?t until she underwent treatments for chronic back pain that she witnessed acupuncture?s rapid ability to heal. Within three treatments, low backaches that had plagued her for three years were gone. Now, Ms. Celli combines her acupuncture expertise with a certification in oriental medicine to help her clients walk similar paths of healing. Like Socrates during a midlife crisis, her treatments combine ancient and cutting-edge philosophies to treat individual health concerns.
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    797 E Lancaster Ave.
    Downingtown, PA US

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