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  • Volto Bella
    Volto Bella helps underperforming skin reach its glowing potential with a variety of custom services and relaxing spa treatments. The licensed aesthetician begins the 45-minute microdermabrasion facial by performing a double cleanse, which prevents pore pollution by washing dirt and oil from the skin?s surface. A special device then sweeps the facial landscape of dead skin cells and leads them to a proper scattering at sea. Next, a vitamin C facial serum nourishes the cheeks, and a hydration mask works to soften the dermis. After a toner and moisturizer protect the visage from feral sunbeams, clients leave the treatment with a rejuvenated appearance youthful enough to shamelessly overcharge for a cup of lemonade.
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    150 West Yosemite Avenue
    Manteca, CA US
  • Players Ink
    Don’t settle for a less-than-perfect tattoo. The artists at Players Ink Tattoo Parlor in San Jose California have the knowledge and skill to do your tattoo right the first time every time. Players Ink Tattoo Parlor specializes in all things tattoo – portraits, sleeves, full-body, freestyle, traditional – and even employs an in-house piercing artist for all your body modification needs. Players Ink has been providing beautiful, high-quality tattoos since 1998 and each artist has over five years’ worth of experience in the industry. Players Ink prides itself on more than just great tattoos and piercings; they work hard to provide a safe, clean, and friendly environment where you can feel confident that you’ll get exactly what you want out of your tattoo experience – whether it’s your first tattoo or your 50th.
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    518 W San Carlos St
    San Jose, CA US
  • Guru Tattoo
    Guru Tattoo is not your typical tattoo studio. Housed in a funky building with a cool design, you won’t be surprised when the interior vibe is just as chill (or if music more common in a yoga studio comes on over the speakers). Guru Tattoo has been going strong for almost two decades, and it’s easy to understand why. The work they create is gorgeous, and absolutely original. While all of the tattoo artists are excellent at their craft, they’re not artists driven by ego. They will work hard to create a unique look that is perfect for you, and no one else. You’ll appreciate the staff’s easy-going and fun attitude, which just might lessen the pain (yeah, it’s gonna hurt at least a little bit) as you wait for your beautiful and original tattoo!
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    2375 S Bascom Ave
    Campbell, CA US
  • New Generation Tattoo
    New Generation Tattoo in San Jose, California offers unique work to each client that walks in the door with a professional staff and a sterile environment to ensure nothing but perfection. New Generation Tattoo knows and understands the value of the customer experience. At New Generation Tattoo, you and your artist will collaborate to find the perfect design for you to showcase for the rest of your life. With so many tattoo shops out there, it can be difficult to choose who is appropriate for you. New Generation Tattoo solves this issue by providing quality art with cleanliness and the client in mind. Whether it’s your first tattoo or a full back piece, New Generation Tattoo will be the studio you visit time and time again.
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    1189 Branham Lane
    San Jose, CA US
  • Current Tattooing
    Remember that tattoo of your high school sweetheart’s name that you have wrapped around your ankle? Don’t live in the past. Get a new tattoo today at Current Tattooing in San Jose. Professional tattoo artists Cory, Che, Ike, Sphinx, Daniel and another Cory are happy to provide you with a custom or pre-made design to fit your fancy. If you’re not sure exactly what you are looking for, the artists will be happy to sit down with you and discuss your options and thoughts. Current Tattooing’s artists can frequently be found tattooing at live events and festivals; details and schedules are on the shop’s website. Samples of the artists’ work can be found there as well. Become inventive and current at Current Tattooing today.
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    48 Race Street
    San Jose, CA US
  • Marks Of Art
    The excellent quality of work done at Marks of Art speaks for itself. These tattoo artists won’t just do any tattoo—they will make sure it’s the best possible design that illustrates your concept perfectly. Due to the tattoo studio’s commitment to aesthetics and cleanliness, it’s no surprise that Marks of Art was voted Best of Silicon Valley 2013. Communicative and friendly throughout the process, the tattoo artists will make sure you know exactly how to take care of your new tattoo when you leave the studio, from aftercare to touch-ups. Come in to talk about your tattoo concept with one of the many fine artists—the studio is always forward-thinking when it comes to custom designs—and schedule your first appointment.
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    3014 Union Ave
    San Jose, CA US

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