Home to Philipse Manor Hall and the Empire Casino, Yonkers offers distractions for historians and gamblers alike. For those more interested in spending hours gazing at shellac nails instead of at the elaborate paper mache ceiling at Philipse Manor Hall, try one of the many relaxing Yonkers day spas. An hour spent watching the delicate work that goes into a great spa manicure may inspire a new appreciation for the artistry at the Philipse.

Spring showers may bring summer flowers, but gardening can wreak havoc on even the strongest nails. To help nails get back into shape and make sure feet are sandal-ready, try Fancy Nail Salon. The attentive, welcoming staff will tend to tired toes and neglected nails, melting stresses away with a foot massage. This Yonkers day spa has some of the most affordable manicures and pedicures in town, so make sure to call ahead.

To restore that certain joie de vivre, visit La Belle Day Spa on Lake Avenue. Body treatments such as the Trigger Point Massage, the Hot Rock Massage, or the Coconut Sugar Scrub will help buff and smooth rough, dry skin. For tired visages, try the Jurlique Organic Spa Facial or the Belavi Facelift Spa Facial, sure to brighten things up before summer gets into full swing.

Booked up every weekend with summer weddings? Try the acrylic manicure at Nail Pro to make nails both beautiful and indestructible. The manicure at this Yonkers spa will ensure nails are strong, but they’ll also look feminine enough to go with that perfect summer dress.

While some people may come to Yonkers to visit a historic hall or to win some money at the Raceway, once word gets out about all the fabulous day spas in Yonkers, the city may draw visitors just looking to get the most bang for their beauty bucks.

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