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A Romana’s Pilates certification is more than just a piece of paper. Named after Romana Kryzanowska, the hand-chosen protégé of Joseph Pilates, it reflects a tireless dedication to continued Pilates education and total mastery over the sport's mat exercises and varied equipment. Studying under Romana Kryzanowska herself, Pilates Space Florida owner Kerstin Korzekwa tallied the requisite 700 hours of training to receive her certification in only six months, adding it to a resumé that includes master's degrees in both physical education and dance performance.

Though Korzekwa doesn’t credit her previous career as a dancer and choreographer for her quick mastery of Pilates, it did provide her with an acute understanding of how the sport can benefit dancers, athletes, and everyday exercisers alike. Pilates gently conditions the body with a series of moves that shape and strengthen the core and tone the body without adding bulk. The routine—often aided by equipment such as a Reformer, chair, tower, or repurposed taffy pull—can also help practitioners to lengthen their limbs and straighten fatigued spines, and with continued practice, many note that they sleep better, stand straighter, and have more endurance.

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