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      76% Off at Premier Acupuncture Clinic

      Premier Acupuncture Clinic

      Old Colorado City (2.8 miles)

      Careful insertion of fine needles at key points on the body's energy pathways readjusts balance and fights off a host of maladies

      $125 $30

      71% Off Three Acupuncture Sessions

      Premier Alternative Health Center

      Memorial Park (1.4 miles)

      The detailed health history from an initial consult informs the approach of 30-minute acupuncture sessions, which can begin the same day

      $205 $59

      87% Off Weight-Loss-Hypnosis Class

      Living Lite Hypnosis

      Multiple Locations (3.4 miles)

      Four relaxing hypnosis sessions per class may help induce lasting habits for healthier eating and exercise

      $145 $19

      69% Off Acupuncture at Back Essentials Chiropractic

      Back Essentials Chiropractic

      Colorado Springs (6.2 miles)

      Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

      $290 $89

      51% Off at Academy Acupuncture Clinic

      Academy Acupuncture Clinic

      Briargate (8.0 miles)

      Acupuncturist performs detailed exam before directing thin needles along meridians to address ailments ranging from depression to digestion

      $200 $99

      61% Off Hypnosis Sessions & Take-Home CD


      Colorado Springs (6.2 miles)

      Hypnotic techniques aim to rid negative behaviors that cause weight gain; take-home CD reinforces positive results

      $100 $39

      82% Off at Smith Chiropractic

      Smith Chiropractic

      Colorado Springs (7.1 miles)

      Experienced chiropractor consults with client, and helps align spine with adjustments

      $119 $21

      52% Off Aromatherapy Massage with Face Treatment

      Body Essentials Therapeutic Massage

      Colorado Springs (4.7 miles)

      Using all-natural and organic massage oils, a therapist relaxes the body with flowing Swedish strokes and clarifies myriad skin types

      $115 $55

      67% Off Colon Hydrotherapy

      Distinct Touch, The Bodywork Center

      Downtown Colorado Springs (0.6 miles)

      Colon hydrotherapy removes waste from the colon while promoting overall health and balance within the lower intestine

      $150 $49

      84% Off Two Spinal Decompressions with Laser Therapy and Exam

      Thrive Health Systems

      Colorado Springs (4.9 miles)

      Exam identifies issues; spinal-decompression treatments and FDA-approved laser therapy relieve pain

      $259 $49

      53% Off Three-Day Juice Cleanse from Peeled Juice Bar


      Raw, nutrient-rich cold-pressed juice drinks cleanse and detoxify; meal replacement protein powder keeps cleansers energized

      $233 $109

      65% Off Hypnosis

      Leah Carter, Ms, Ch

      Wolf Ranch (10.1 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $135 $47

      Up to 93% Off Adjustments or Decompression

      Atlas Chiropractic

      Briargate (9.8 miles)

      Chiropractic facility resolves pain and restores health naturally without invasive procedures or heavy medication

      $400 $29

      Juice in the Raw—Up to 54% Off Three-Day Juice Cleanses

      Juice in the RAW

      Three-day supply (18 bottles) of cold-pressed raw juices packed with essential nutrients and enzymes

      $185 $89

      Up to 48% Off Foot Bath and Optional Spa Treatments

      Natural Therapeutics

      Colorado Springs (5.5 miles)

      A series of treatments helps to relax guests and remove toxins from the body

      $30 $18

      Up to 56% Off Chiropractic Treatments

      Praxis Chiropractic and Alternative Health

      Colorado Springs (0.7 miles)

      Chiropractors address chronic pain through adjustments and trigger-point needling treatments

      $135 $60

      Up to 64% Off Back-and-Neck-Pain Package

      Aspen Acupuncture

      Garden Ranch (5.5 miles)

      Auricular therapy targets points in the ear with mild electric currents to help ease pain and ailments

      $330 $165

      50% Off Ionic Foot Baths

      Active Chiropractic Wellness Center

      Village Seven (5.7 miles)

      Doctor of Chiropractic Candice Koch and her team help clients evict toxins from their bodies with relaxing ionic foot soaks

      $120 $60

      84% Off Chiropractic Package

      Jerry B Guevara DC, INC

      Cheyenne Hills (2.6 miles)

      Chiropractor isolates sources of pain and ailments and uses drug-free, noninvasive techniques to correct them

      $349 $55

      95% Off Chiropractic Exam, Adjustments, and Therapies

      The Chiropractic TRUHEALTHDR

      Pulpit Rock (4.9 miles)

      Chiropractor exposes pinched nerves with exams and relieves them with gentle adjustments and therapies that use a roller table and heat

      $190 $10

      70% Off Exam and Three Spinal Decompression Treatments

      Teller County Chiropractic

      Woodland Park (16.1 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $205 $62

      Up to 50% Off Hot-and-Cold-Therapy Gel Packs

      Colorado Injury Center

      Colorado Springs (7.0 miles)

      Reusable microwave- and freezer-safe gel packs deliver heat or ice therapy to aches, strains, injuries, and headaches

      $116 $58

      Half Off an Exam with Cold-Laser Therapy

      Cheyenne Mountain Chiropractic

      Colorado Springs (3.9 miles)

      Using low-level laser, Doctor of Chiropractic Richard H. Hanley and his staff treat conditions such as carpel tunnel and knee/shoulder pain

      $299 $149

      54% Off Detox and Light-Vitality Sessions

      Body Detox Center

      Colorado Springs (4.7 miles)

      Ionic footbaths detoxify the entire body whereas light-vitality treatments boost immune systems with radiant energy

      $172 $79