Thai Massage in Anchorage

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Nicole Keane is an explorer. Hiking, biking, skiing, and snowboarding complement the licensed massage therapist's professional journeys into the tense muscles of clients, and she's showcased her healing craft at locales across the globe. During myofascial-release and trigger-point sessions, Nicole works diligently to locate the snarled striations that radiate pain. Then with deep, focused pressure and strategic stretches, she dissolves the pesky knots so they become one with the body. Prenatal massages safely and gently address the physical stresses particular to mothers-to-be, and structural-integration sessions combine several modalities to bring the body's posture and alignment back into balance. Susan Wong?a licensed massage therapist in her own right?joins Nicole at Gratitude Healing Arts for one day each week, bringing along her extensive knowledge of medical massage and other manual therapy techniques, including lymphatic drainage.

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