Indian Restaurants in Binghamton

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At Taste of India, an aromatic spread of sizzling tandoori meats, creamy paneers, and rich curries enraptures palates with its intense flavor and vibrant colors. Like licking an ice cream cone while operating a rowing machine, each meal combines appetizing taste with wholesome healthfulness, packing a punch of fresh ingredients culled from local farms and an ample selection of vegan or gluten-free dishes. As spicy tikka masala and slow-simmered vegetables tickle olfactory apparatuses with sweet scents, fluffy loaves of bubbly naan or steamy forkfuls of basmati rice soak up pools of tomato sauce and cream peppered with green herbs, red tomatoes, and yellow turmeric. Taste of India can also serve clientele with drop-off catering, and its opening in 1988 makes the restaurant as old as many budding pro athletes and, pending an amendment allowing 24-year-olds to wear ties, the next president.

124 Dell St

The cooks at New Amber Indian Restaurant expertly season their Punjabi Indian dishes with a wide range of carefully selected spices. Whether it's marinating chicken in yogurt and freshly ground spices before cooking them in the clay tandoor oven or seasoning shrimp curry, the cooks strive to bring out all the traditional flavors in each dish.

3505 Birney Ave

Rich, tomato-based sauces, yogurt marinades, and mango chutneys ensure each of Bombay Thali’s dishes bursts with flavor. The BYOB restaurant’s chefs use them to season chicken, lamb, and goat, preparing Indian entrees as time tested as the subcontinent’s fondness for watching cricket played by crickets. In addition to the tandoori and biryani classics, seafood curries beckon with shrimp and swordfish. A full array of naan, including a version brightened with mint, can carry the curries and sweet dipping sauces to tongues.

702 Old Liverpool Rd.
New York

At the helm of Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant?s kitchen is a chef with more than 28 years perfecting his craft. The chef?s range of Indian recipes is exhaustive, from aloo dum?stuffed potatoes cooked in a light spicy sauce?to chicken kali mirch simmered in a curry sauce. The kitchen?s tandoor clay oven cooks marinated shrimp, lamb, and stuffed breads at a temperature high enough to reshape the hairstyle of anyone who gets too close.

60 Genesee St
New Hartford,