Diners in Brantford

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  • Harmony Lunch
    For more than 80 years, Harmony Lunch has sated appetites with its sturdy assortment of original pork burgers and fries. Diners can choose from the menu's panoply of protein patties, including its standard pork hamburger (a $3.70 value), as well as variations topped with bacon (a $4.40 value), cheese (a $4.20 value), another patty (a $5.30 value), or a snazzy fedora. Balance an uneven plate with a pile of fries (a $2.50 value), washed down with the bubbly beverage of your choice (a $1.50 value). Though Harmony Lunch doles out a hamburger-drink-and-fries combo for $7, this Groupon grants customers access to every offering in its burger rainbow, as well as complimentary gold-hoarding tips from its on-staff leprechaun.
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    90 King St N
    Waterloo, ON CA
  • Cock & Pheasant
    The Cock and Pheasant welcomes Mississauga's village visitors into candle-lit interiors or out onto its tree-lined patio boasting full service from noon to dusk. Diners of all ages can adorn appetites in a fashion-forward luncheon menu, beginning with smaller portions, such as deep-fried mozzarella with tomato salsa and a garlic baguette ($7.99). Dive eyes-first into a sea of beer, bacon, and cheese soup ($4.99), or rally friends for a charge into a pound of wings draped with honey-garlic, jerk-barbecue, or smoked-lime-tequila sauce ($10.99). For a hearty feast, the delicate strata of Guinness shepherd's pie made with AAA beef ($11.99) will have friends clamouring for a share, just as with sweepstakes prizes or rationed hugs.
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    63 Queen St S
    Mississauga, ON CA
  • York Mills Centre
    Smoked meat. Albacore tuna and sockeye salmon salad. Pear, mango, avocado, and brie. For more than 38 years, staff members at Druxy's more than 45 locations have built traditional, deli-style sandwiches based entirely on their customers? requests, no matter how unorthodox or how difficult it becomes to eat the resulting masterpiece. A roster of 11 breads and more than 50 toppings means that each sandwich is someone's personal favorite. Staff members are also willing to go big; if a regular sandwich can?t fill your appetite, they'll gladly add as much meat as you would like for a nominal extra charge (the current heavyweight champion is a 42 oz. corned beef on rye). At the heart of the operation are Druxy's delicatessen roots, still apparent in the steaming hot meats sliced to order and the kosher dill pickle wedges served with each sandwich. In addition to their deli favorites, Druxy's can meet any craving; their menu includes everything from a design your own salad bar to comforting grilled cheese sandwiches and more than 30 soups. While corned beef and grilled cheese might not sound like the definition of healthy eating, Druxy's salads, along with four sandwiches and six soups, are Healthier Options with less fat and sodium and more protein and fibre. Druxy's also carries on this dedication to healthy nutrition by crafting gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan options for diners with food sensitivities.
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    4025 Yonge Street
    Toronto, ON CA
  • Denny's
    Come to Denny's for a sandwich and side — this eatery serves American cuisine everyone will love. Low-fat and gluten-free options are featured on the menu. Wireless Internet access is just a click away at Denny's. Gather up your friends, coworkers or family members and head to Denny's for a group meal. Denny's offers an informal dining experience for those who are allergic to jackets and ties. If you're in a hurry, place an order for pickup instead. Bicyclists will also find lots of space to safely lock up their bikes. The food at Denny's is not just delicious, it's also affordable. Head on over to Denny's first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening — Denny's is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Swing by the restaurant at literally any hour — it's open 24 hours a day.
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    8020 Niagara Falls Blvd
    Niagara Falls, NY US
  • Denny's
    Enjoy traditional American cuisine at Denny's, home of American comfort food. Looking for low-fat, gluten-free meal options? Look no further at Denny's. At Denny's, you can dine with your immediate family and your extended family due to the easy seating for large parties. Put the suit away when heading to Denny's — dress is casual, as are the vibes. Getting your food to go is also an option. null Chow down for less at Denny's, where a meal almost always costs under $15. Denny's has menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — just pick your favorite meal and head over. No need to sweat your schedule — the restaurant is open 24 hours a day.
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    10390 Bennett Rd
    Fredonia, NY US
  • Dominick's 24 Hour Eatery
    Enjoy delicious Italian food and romantic mood lighting at Dominick's 24 Hour Eatery. Dominick's 24 Hour Eatery does not prepare their menu with low-fat items, though, so those following a strict diet may have better luck elsewhere. Check email, shop online, or get the latest game scores on Dominick's 24 Hour Eatery's free wifi. Dominick's 24 Hour Eatery's dress code is casual — diners are welcome to dress up (or down) to their comfort level. If you're in a hurry, place an order for pickup instead. null When you need great food that is not going to cost an arm and a leg, stop by Dominick's 24 Hour Eatery. The breakfast menu at the restaurant draws rave reviews, though you can also stop by for lunch or dinner. No need to sweat your schedule — the restaurant is open 24 hours a day.
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    123 E 12th St
    Erie, PA US