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  • Hamilton
    Blue Nile’s vibrant orange dining room hums with energy as the aromas of meat and spices waft in from the kitchen. Patterned tablecloths, flowers, and colourful art decorate the walls, just as colourful spreads of lentils, split peas, and collard greens decorate plates. Using a pancake-like bread called injera, guests scoop up earthy bites of Ethiopia’s national dish—a type of stewed chicken called doro wat—or other flavourful foods. They can can pair the hearty food with sips of a traditional pot of coffee known as jebena buna or with fruit juices such as mango or guava.
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    90 Wellington Street North
    Hamilton, ON CA
  • Incognito Restaurant and WIne Bar
    Tourism Hamilton's 2010 Restaurant of the Year, Incognito treats diners to a locally sourced fine dining experience that's relaxed and romantic. Like the tax code, Incognito's diverse menu changes seasonally for best effect, offering patrons a la carte dishes, and table d'hote options that snap with fresh flavours. Embark on epicurean exploits with an appetizer of seared ahi tuna sashimi ($11.95), or exercise incisors with a helping of carpaccio ($11.95), accented with shaved parmesan reggiano. Diners can mine previously undiscovered depths of deliciousness with the veal strip loin ($22.95), pan-seared and dressed in a wild berry and cassis reduction, and reformed carnivores enjoy a bevy of beefless options, such as the butternut squash ravioli ($17.95), which rafts down a river of garlic cream sauce with grape tomatoes and spinach. The chef's daily feature, crafted fresh and priced to market, provides a culinary surprise that doesn't involve blindfolding a can of SpaghettiOs. Prix fixe dinner selections are also available and include an appetizer, entree, and choice of dessert, made in-house.
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    93 John Street South
    Hamilton, ON CA
  • Sbarro
    Every bite of hand-stretched, mozzarella-covered crust at Sbarro can trace its roots back to Naples, Italy. It was there that the Sbarro family began its rich culinary tradition, and when Gennaro and Carmela Sbarro came to America, they brought that tradition with them. In search of the American Dream, the pair opened their first salumeria in Brooklyn in 1956. And the neighborhood took notice. The homemade mozzarella and flavorful sausage soon earned the grocery a reputation for having fresh, authentic Italian food, a reputation that helped the Sbarros pepper New York with additional locations over the next decade. Then, in 1967, they established their first mall-based restaurant inside the Kings Plaza Shopping Center. With its open kitchen and speedy service, that eatery laid the groundwork for what would become one of the world's most popular pizzerias. Today, Sbarro has grown into more than 1,000 restaurants across the globe. At each, chefs decorate their New York-style pizzas with everything from mushrooms and sausage to pineapple and broccoli, along with sauce made on-site using fresh herbs. And while Sbarro serves more than 70 million pizzas every year?enough to make pepperoni one of agriculture's most lucrative cash crops?they also craft other Italian favorites from recipes that have been passed down since 1947.
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    13850 Steeles Avenue
    Halton Hills, ON CA
  • SupperWorks
    As you don an apron and look around the SupperWorks kitchen, you might wonder if you've stepped into the body of a gourmet chef?sous-chefs unseen have chopped and sliced every ingredient imaginable, and now it's up to you to bring each entree to life. The epicurean fantasy continues as staff members begin leading you from station to station on a quest to create 6, 9, or 12 entrees. Each is perfect for freezing and cooking later when you're pressed for time. SupperWorks' recipes change from month to month?entrees could include pork tenderloin and prosciutto in puff pastry, beef-and-mushroom goulash, and veggie-packed chili. But one thing doesn't change: the easy meal assembly. All of the planning, shopping, washing, and prepping is done in advance, and the staff cleans up each station as dishes are completed. When the session ends after an hour or two, they'll send you home with easy-to-follow cooking instructions. SupperWorks also keeps prepared meals on hand for patrons to pop in and pick up at a moment's notice.
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    21 Panabaker Dr.
    Ancaster, ON CA
  • Off the Hook Gourmet Fish & Chips - Stoney Creek
    Steven Karataglidis spent his childhood scampering through the kitchen of his family's restaurant, soaking in cooking tips and techniques as his father whipped up Greek specialties. Pulling from his culinary upbringing, Steven opened Off the Hook at the ripe age of 22, enlisting the help of his dad to fry up baskets of fish ’n’ chips and build seafood sandwiches. Nowadays, Steven and his father preside over two locations, whose fryers sizzle with fish and shellfish cloaked in gluten-free and organic batters. Diners can dip their seafood in housemade tartar sauce, green pesto, and curry mayo to procure what Steven described to reporters of Post City as his "all-time favourite flavours." Each casual meal is served in a basket alongside dollops of Steven's signature sauces and smatterings of sweet-potato fries and coleslaw.
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    438 Hwy. 8
    Stoney Creek, ON CA
  • 5 Alarm Wings
    5 Alarm Wings pretty much cleaned up at the Hamilton Wingfest awards in 2009, winning Best Hot Wing for the second time in a row, and never looked back. Though on the surface, its offerings might seem simple?wings?once diners delve into the menu, they'll see it's anything but. The kitchen here is all about flavour, and the wings can be prepared with any of the eatery's 34 sauces, 12 dry rubs, and 7 fun rubs. Both sauces and rubs range in heat from mild to 5-alarm. Take an international trip without applying for a visa by asking for wings coated in kung pao sauce, tandoori dry rub, or spicy mango-habanero sauce. And for those who like their wings in the same flavours as their chips, fun rubs include cool ranch and salt and vinegar.
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    553 Upper Wentworth St
    Hamilton, ON CA