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Blackberry tart. Banana-nut bread. Cinnamon-twist danish. They?re not decadent treats in a glass display case at the local bakery, but intoxicating aromas and robust flavors found at La Crema Coffee Company. Owned by Melissa and Dan Flohn, La Crema takes 100% Colombian coffee beans and transforms them into three dozen unique breakfast, afternoon, and dessert flavors such as chocolate raspberry, amaretto truffle, and bananas foster. For purists, the company imports unflavored blends from Central and South America, Indonesia, and Africa. It even vends a selection of non-coffee beverages, as well as hand-beaded coffee scoops and accessories for measuring coffee grounds or spooning them over breakfast cereal.

9852 Crescent Park Dr
West Chester,

The cheery yellow walls of The Floral Grind Coffeehouse instantly perk up entering clientele, giving patrons the early morning boost they need as baristas top off cups of steaming coffee and aromatic teas. Sharing space with its flower-shop alter ego, the café features a walk-up counter for guests to leisurely peruse the menu as well as a drive-through window that speedily delivers drinks to customers super-glued to their driver’s seat. Behind the counter, baristas combine energizing shots of espresso with syrups available in a variety of classic and sugar-free flavors to fashion a full menu of lattes, cappuccinos, and frozen coffee drinks that match the current season. An assortment of muffins, loaded oatmeal, and biscotti accompany the café beverages, giving guests something to nibble on as they utilize the shop’s free WiFi.

10700 West Manslick Road

Thanks to Sweet Simpliciteas, it's possible to have your cake and drink it, too. The loose-leaf tea shop combines the two most important meals of the day?dessert and afternoon tea with indulgent blends. With indulgent blends, there's no need to feel guilty about calories or decide which fork to use when you can simply sip on a cup of chocolate-chip chai (featuring actual chocolate chips) or caramel-cake rooibos.

259 South 3rd Street