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Initially daunted by the demands of his first Bikram class, Om on Fire! Yoga director Doug Shorts accepted the challenge to his physical ability, returning to class again and again to build his form, technique, and stamina. Once he felt he had truly mastered and become at home with the style, Doug committed himself by training to become an instructor, accruing 1,500 hours of in-class teaching experience to forge a patient, empowering instruction style. Now, during studio classes, he leads students of all skill levels through challenging sequences of yoga poses to methodically strengthen muscles, realign vertebrae, and cheer up dejected mood rings amid a heated practice space.

990 Palm Street

Marine Corps Sergeant Ron Davis gave 10 years of service to the military. He also spent most of his life involved in youth sports, serving as head coach and defensive coordinator for youth football teams. With BeStrong Boot Camp, he implements strategies that he learned in both of his previous fields to devise a team-oriented workout program that incorporates all the motivational factors, full-body fitness techniques, and guided instruction one would need to get in shape. Nobody at BeStrong will say that the regimen is easy, but it's achievable. The 45-minute, military-like workouts, which occur three times a week for six weeks, benefit from Ron's encouragement as opposed to just a collective hivemind pushing everyone subconsciously. Ron gives each student personal attention and helps them modify any workouts to align with their physical needs.

222 Yellow Place

At Vibes New Age Fitness, newcomers discover multiple avenues to attaining a fit, toned, and slender body. The center’s vibrating Power Plate apparatus elicits between 25 and 50 muscle contractions per minute, activating natural reflexes to tone the physique, smooth cellulite, and boost circulation. Plate sessions can complement TRX-suspension workouts, which chisel bodies using resistance from elasticized cables. Originally designed for Navy SEALs, the TRX system is also suitable for civilians and can be a useful tool in physical-rehabilitation programs. Body-contouring Lipo-Light treatments and infrared saunas further catalyze weight loss, slimming bodies more comfortably than a really tight seat belt.

5445 Murrell Rd

Students should bring: Water bottle and comfortable clothes and shoes

Registration required: No

Good for beginners: Yes

Average class length: 60 minutes

Number of Staff: 5?10 people

Class location: Mix of indoor and outdoor classes

Established: 2010

Guests allowed: Yes

Parking: Parking lot

Pro Tip: Call ahead with questions, or ask them when you arrive for class.

Q&A with Lauri, Coach

Exercise is challenging, and people frequently give up on their fitness routines. How do you keep clients motivated?

We stalk them like they are delicious, fresh out of the oven Krispy Kreme donuts. We develop and maintain personal relationships with all of our clients, and we build a social environment where they can meet other people suffering for the same goal. We aren't just a gym; we are a community

Sweating to the oldies is acceptable, but sweating to the blues less so. Do you find that certain styles and genres of music generate more intense workouts?

Our music choices are dictated by the clients in a given class. Any and all genres can be heard at different times.

Besides working out, what else can clients do to spend their time at your facility?

Nutritional counseling and off-site gatherings. We also offer beach workouts once a week and paleo potlucks once a month. There's also a running club, a racing team, and marathon training.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?

We are here to help everyone and anyone reach their goals. While CrossFit is a constantly varied approach to functional fitness, our coaches are top of their fields in particular specialties?from our running coach to our Olympic weightlifters. They can bring you from couch potato to ultra runner and help you achieve what seems impossible.

1795 Cogswell Street