Weight Loss in Del City

87% Off Weight-Loss Program

Multiple Locations

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Acclaimed trainer combines intense workouts with nutritional expertise and at-home fitness resources to burn fat during six-week program

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Central Oklahoma City

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Cold lasers immediately shrink the fat cells of any troublesome area, and the vibration plate helps tone without a visit to the gym

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Multiple Locations

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Technicians target areas of fat with the SlimSonix Ultra's ultralow-frequency waves designed to emulsify the cells

Up to 59% Off Weight-Loss Programs

Quail Creek

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Physician-developed program includes BMI scans, blood tests, and FDA approved prescription appetite suppressants for those who qualify

Up to 94% Off Cellulite Reduction

Westbury South

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In each 30- to 60-minute session, the Alma system targets cellulite and lax skin with high-intensity radio frequencies that boost collagen

Up to 68% Off Endermologie Treatments

Central Oklahoma City

$475 $165

Certified therapist Rebecca uses Endermologie treatments to reduce the appearance of cellulite and tighten skin

Up to 77% Off Custom Weight-Loss Program

Oklahoma City

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Dr. Pardee examines patients to formulate a custom weight-loss plan, highlighting lifestyle and nutrition changes.

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Lasers target adipose fat cells to shrink fat from the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite

Up to 79% Off Weight-Loss Program at ChrisFit


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Nutrition expert and certified personal trainer helps clients slim down with personalized weight-loss and written workout plans

Up to 79% Off Laser-Lipo Treatments

Tulsa Laser Fat Loss

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Noninvasive laser-lipo treatments help patients lose inches off their waistline and B12 injections encourage a healthy metabolism

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Nob Hill

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Noninvasive laser light targets localized fat deposits

Up to 87% Off Laser-Lipo Sessions at The Slim Co

Burning Hills

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LED lights help emulsify fat during sessions that drains fat deposits, which is flushed out naturally through the body's Lymphatic system

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Professionals precisely determine your unique metabolism and design a nutrition and exercise plan to help you shed pounds

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Tulsa Southeast

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Initial lab work consultation kicks off weight-loss program with physician approval, coaching, Transformations nutraceuticals & supplements

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Tulsa Mid-Town

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Clients are injected with vitamin B12 to help boost their energy levels and metabolism

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Board-certified plastic surgeon Derek Shadid helms Shadid Plastic Surgery Associates, combining his medical knowledge with modern technology to give patients their desired results with the minimal amount of discomfort. Shadid lends skilled hands to procedures that sculpt and contour the entire body or focus on facial features. But not all of the surgeon's procedures are surgical—an on-site medical spa welcomes clients for less invasive treatments, such as chemical peels, laser hair reduction, and Botox injections that smooth lines from frowning or excessive winking. And while experienced nurse-aestheticians administer many of the med-spa treatments, Shadid always takes part in patients’ initial consultations and oversees their care.

13820 Wireless Way
Oklahoma City,

While the sun spends most of its day in the sky, it still finds time to hang out in The Riviera Tanning Spa, teaching five different levels of Ergoline tanning beds how to bronze bodies with color that looks like it came from the star itself. From the Ambition bed’s beginner-friendly 120-watt bulbs to the Excellence 800’s simmering 520-watt heaters, tanners of all levels can boost golden hues in as little as 10 minutes. Thanks to their large facility, Riveria can accommodate a high influx of individuals without requiring appointments. Their Autobronzer system also reduced peaked appearances without UV exposure, spraying skin with three levels of sunless solutions that add color that won’t run, streak, or turn blue when placed under a black light.

9101 S Western Ave
Oklahoma City,

The aestheticians at BodyTrends specialize in nonsurgical Electrospa treatments that have toned and beautified the bodies of beauty-pageant contestants. By stimulating muscles with gentle electrical currents, technicians can mimic the effects of a face-lift or breast lift without ever breaking the scalpel out of its emergency glass. Lasers erase unwanted hair, veins, cellulite, and tattoos, and facial services banish blemishes while adorning features with MNA and mineral cosmetics. For feelings of inner peace, BodyTrends' massage therapists capture tension from bodies and release it deep in the woods to plague overly frivolous nymphs.

8603 South Western Avenue
Oklahoma City,

Doctor of Chiropractic Jason Pargeter, a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College, relies on gentle adjustment techniques to realign misplaced vertebrae. One such technique, the prone specific technique, does so without twisting the patient's torso or back. These patient-minded movements pair with x-rays and therapeutic services such as needle or needleless acupuncture to foster overall wellness.

7741 W Hefner Rd
Oklahoma City,

Michael Steelman, MD, and his staff of certified weight-loss gurus shepherd clients toward healthier lifestyles and slimmer edifices with medical counseling and individualized fat-slaying regimens. During the first of two 45- to 60-minute visits, clients undergo a thorough compilation of examinations, including such greatest hits as blood tests and body-composition analyses to garner an understanding of their body's overall health, muscle-to-fat ratio, and preferred 401(k) investment strategy. Then, after a stint of more physical once-overs on the second visit, a seasoned staffer reviews all test results and develops a safe and effective weight-loss strategy that fits your metabolic needs as snugly as an arthropod in a rug. Clients leave armed with medically sound knowledge and an initial plan to restore their soul sack to healthy poundage without relying on gimmicky methodology, such as quantum leaping into the past or practicing reverse fat-cell psychology.

13301 N Meridian Ave
Oklahoma City,

The packed shelves of Victory Nutrition Center's retail shop welcome physiques yearning for a boost with a sweeping selection of fitness supplements and vitamins. More than 100 sport-nutrition supplements from brands such as ALRI, Met-Rx, and CytoSport help muscles bulge smugly under fitted shirts and the paltry weight of jet liners. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals' multivitamins ($19.95 for 90 pills) fit 47 different vitamins, minerals, and herbs into a single daily tablet, and the company's Sleep-Rx ($39.95) dispels bedtime concerns with an all-natural formula that promotes relaxation. Customers pose supplement-based questions to helpful staff members roaming the store ready to explain why it's easier to get essential omega-3 fatty acids from Optimum Nutrition's fish-oil softgels ($13.99 for 100 pills) or cold-pressed flaxseed-oil softgels ($10.99 for 100 pills) than setting up a cardboard box propped on a stick to try to trap them.

6409 S Western Ave
Oklahoma City,