Concerts in Fort Drum

Select Local Merchants

  • Brockville Arts Ctr
    When it first opened in 1858, the building that stood on the Brockville Arts Centre's current location operated as a town hall, marketplace, and fire engine house. Only two bricks from that original building remain, as the intervening 150 years saw numerous expansions and reconstructions, as well as a 1937 fire that destroyed the auditorium. In its place today stands an expansive centre for the local arts community, welcoming touring concerts and comedians beneath the glow of its chandeliers.
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    235 King St W
    Brockville, ON CA
  • Grand Theatre
    The Kingston Canadian Film Festival celebrates local and national productions with a three-day presentation of new movies, film receptions, and director and cast discussions. Film enthusiasts explore the life and career of the late Nell Shipman in "On a Grand Scale," a curated exhibition that probes her theatrical contributions as an actress, writer, director, and inventor of the scrolling credit. The silent-film-era artist, known for portraying strong female characters throughout her 13-year career, starred in more than 20 films, including movies based on James Oliver Curwood stories. As the clock tolls 4 p.m., audiences make their way into a darkened theatre for a showing of Shipman's Back to God's Country— a taboo-shattering 1919 silent film set in the Arctic wilderness—which will be paired with live musical accompaniment and fake indoor blizzards.
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    218 Princess St
    Kingston, ON CA
  • Rome Community Theater
    Before 1953, the theater community of Rome was a theater community divided. Two local companies presented plays: the Rome Theater Guild and the Rome Civic Theater. The Guild was more financially stable, but the Civic had more volunteers. Seeing how they could benefit each other, the artists at each group decided to join forces and become the Rome Community Theater. Decades later, the curtain is still being raised on fresh RCT productions. And as the company has grown, the audiences have, too?approximately 1,000 theatergoers flock to see seasonal offerings of musicals, comedies, murder mysteries, and melodramas. The excitement unfolds within the intimacy of a tiered, 230-seat space where everybody has an interrupted view, unless it's Mandatory Lincoln Hat Day.
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    8911 Turin Road
    Rome, NY US
  • Gelston Castle Estate
    Gelston Castle Estate is the Northeast’s premier concert and event destination, presenting world-class music and exhibitions on a beautiful 330 acre estate overlooking the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York. The natural beauty, panoramic view and historic hospitality make for an unequalled concert experience.
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    980 Robinson Rd
    Mohawk, NY US
  • Cny Jazz Arts Foundation
    Pictures at an Exhibition mates digitally projected visual art with composer Charles Pillow’s modern jazz suite to create a multimedia event that enchants both the eyes and ears. The format for this event was inspired by esteemed Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky, whose iconic 1874 piano suite was sparked by the work of artist and architect Viktor Hartmann. Building on that idea, guest artist Charles Pillow will use musical themes from Mussorgsky to form an original piece, using members of the CNY Jazz Orchestra and adding guitar, harp, and vocalese. Blending this modern piece with visual art provided by the Orange Line Gallery gives this nineteenth century work a twenty-first century feel that pleases music lovers, art enthusiasts, and time-traveling bohemians alike.
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    441 E Washington St
    Syracuse, NY US
  • The Redhouse
    Not many establishments offer the chance to see a Steven Sondheim musical, catch a concert, take a theater workshop, and eat an organic salad in one place. But at Red House Arts Center, all of these things flourish. Founded and renovated by a group of local artists, the center beckons visitors to fully immerse themselves in the arts, whether they’re watching an experimental-theater performance, strolling the halls of the second-floor art gallery, or pouring a bucket of house paint on themselves in the lobby.
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    201 S West St
    Syracuse, NY US